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The Culprit?

The Demon Aim Has Been Busy


The town of Canneto di Caronia, Sicily, is all but deserted this spring after a series of strange and unexplained fires that have authorities baffled.


The news stories about this bizarre affair have been hard for most people to believe because the fires defy logic. Spontaneous combustion occurs in cars, microwave ovens, fuse boxes, and in a variety of other household appliances.


A team of scientists, engineers, police and psychics have been combing the town, trying unsuccessfully to find out why the fires are breaking out. They are not having much luck.


It is a small town and about half of the 20 houses in the community have been hit by this phenomenon. The people, who have been evacuated for their own safety, say the culprit is the devil. Electricity to the town has been shut off and still the fires happen almost daily.


Surprisingly, nobody has been hurt.


"These are not normal events," said Antonio Pezzino, whose home was among the first to be stricken. He said his air conditioner burst into flames.


Gabriele Amorth, an exorcist for the Roman Catholic Church, said he thinks demons are at work. He wants the parish priest to take action.


Amorth may be close to the truth.


Of the 72 Goetia Demons revealed by Aaron C. Donahue in 2002, one of them, Aim, is a known fire starter.


Collin de Plancy, French occultist, demonologist and author of Dictionnaire Infernal, published in 1863, wrote: "Haborym (Aym) is a fire demon and a duke of hell who commands 26 legions. He appears holding a torch and riding a viper and he has three heads; a serpent, a man and a cat."


It has been the opinion of magickians throughout the ages that this twenty-third Demon starts fires. Where ever he goes, things burn.


When Donahue evoked this spirit and used advanced remote viewing skills to draw its image, he produced some new information that the old magickians could not see.


He said Aim definitely appears as a three-headed entity. And Aaron captured the essence of a lot of energy radiating from the center of it. But he did not think it was fire.


"After the evocation there seemed an orange ambient light filling the corners of the temple room. This remained so to the end of my remote viewing session. Three white lights are seen upon the human-like head of Aim. An orange light is centered representing a source or technology associated within the source of this entity," Donahue wrote.


The light of Aim may have the appearance of fire, and it may cause fire, but it is not the eternal flame that the old masters envisioned.


It is my personal theory that Aim has been hanging out in Caronia, Sicily, and probably enjoying the game he has been playing with the superstitious Catholics who live there.

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