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Donahue's Furcas

Furcas The Fire Bug
The old magickians saw Furcas as a portly old man with a long flowing white beard riding a pale horse and carrying a sharp tool. The identity of the tool ranged from a pointed stick to a scythe, which would appear to make him a harbinger of death.
When he evoked this entity and drew his picture in a remote viewing session, Aaron C. Donahue discovered that Furcas is a very different kind of spirit than described.
Furcas appeared to Aaron as a fiery spirit. His entire body seemed to be comprised of a flashing energy, although Donahue did not indicate its color. Perhaps if the flame was white, it would explain the hoary bearded image observed by the magickians before remote viewing.
Over the head of Furcas can be seen a strange, almost flat shaped ship. It is very different from the vessels observed with the other spirits, an indication that Furcas has very different origins.
Even if Furcas is not comprised of fire, there is an indication in the old records that "pyromancy" has always been his trade. He is a known fire starter.

Old Forcas
Furcas Sigil

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