The Mind of James Donahue

A Winged Bull

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Jesus Knew Haagenti
There is a story in the Gospel of John about a wedding that Jesus attended. When the host of the celebration unexpectedly ran out of wine, Jesus performed his celebrated "miracle" in which he turned water into more wine.
When Aaron C. Donahue remote viewed the Goetian Spirit Haagenti, he made an amazing discovery. Jesus the magickian raised Haagenti that night, and used this spirit to perform the wine trick.
That is Haagenti's specialty. He turns water into wine, and, and anybody wishes, wine back into water. And, if anybody wishes, he also can turn any metal into gold.
These are relatively amazing feats for a spirit that presents itself as a red bull with wings. This is how Donahue perceived Haagenti, and it is exactly how the old magickians saw him.
You can view Donahue's demonic drawings on his web site at
The old master, Johann Wier, wrote that Haagenti comes up "appearing like a great bull, having the wings of a griphen (sic)." The spirit can change into a human form if it chooses, although the body remains red in color, the old ones say.


Haagenti Sigil

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