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Did The Devil Really Possess Hitler And Stalin?


By James Donahue

September 2006


We couldn’t help but chuckle over a quoted remark by the Pope’s top exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, that both Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were possessed by the chief creator of evil on Earth, the Devil himself.


“Of course the Devil exists,” Amorth said on Vatican Radio. “And he can not only possess a single person but also groups and entire populations.”


The remarks would be funny if so many people didn’t take them so seriously. Also, as Luciferians, we identify the remarks as an assault on our position that the image of a red suited evil figure called the Devil, also called Satan and formerly known as Lucifer, is the source of sin and that humans must avoid him at all cost.


That the statement came directly from the Vatican also is a vague defense of Pope Benedict XVI, the former German priest named Joseph Ratzinger, who once served as a brown shirt in Hitler’s youth corps. Psychic Aaron C. Donahue has zeroed in on this man’s past, noting that the indoctrination and brainwashing of children is usually something that sticks for life. Consequently, Donahue says, Pope Benedict is probably still a Nazi in disguise.


Thus a remark like that by Ratzinger’s “caster out of demons” appears to be aimed directly at Donahue and all that he stands for. In a sense, this means that the Vatican is not only listening to Donahue, it is concerned enough about the Luciferian movement that it is beginning to take steps to defend itself.


Donahue has predicted that the Christian Church will soon collapse, as will all of the other major world religions that have gripped the minds and hearts of humanity for too long. He says it is time for a new spiritual movement that teaches unconditional love for our fellow man, the Mother Earth, and above all, the real progenitor of the human race, the alien entity we identify as Lucifer.


It is time to stop demonizing Lucifer and recognize him for who and what he really is. That means the silly image of a red suited Devil with pitchfork, horns and forked tail has got to go. It does not exist and never did exist. It was a silly make-believe boogeyman designed to instill fear in the hearts of the ignorant masses. And it worked for thousands of years.


That intelligent and well-educated men in theology would dare to try to re-sell this old and tread-worn story on the masses yet again is difficult to believe. And yet, when you think of the intelligence behind mass brainwashing, you know things like this work. And since it worked before, why not use it again and again.


As Hitler himself once was quoted as saying: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”


So were Hitler and Stalin possessed? Can we define these men as evil? And if they were evil, what made them do what they did? Was it an exterior force that controlled their minds or was there something that drove them from within, bringing them to be responsible for so much suffering and death?


Even theologians, if they are honest, will tell you that they had a problem defining evil. Donahue told his radio listeners recently that he personally has a difficult time defining just what it is. He said he has reached the conclusion that any act, no matter how malicious, is not necessarily evil. The evil lies in the indifference expressed by those who watch and allow it to happen.


An example of evil is a mass indifference by humanity to the effects global pollution and human overpopulation has had on the environment and the health of our planet. People act as if they do not care as long as their comfortable way of living is not interrupted or threatened.


By this definition the people of Germany were expressing evil by allowing Hitler and his Nazi party to commit the atrocities that went on during Hitler’s reign. And in the same vein, the Russian people were just as guilty for allowing Stalin to conduct the reign of terror that went on under his brand of Communism.


In a sense, Pope Ratzinger then falls into the category of one of those Germans who not only allowed Hitler to come to power, but marched in lock step to the beat of Hitler’s drum. Does that make the Pope evil? And if he is, does it mean that he is possessed? And if he is possessed, what is it that possesses him?


It is the Luciferian proposition that neither demons nor the Devil (that does not exist) possess humans. Yet we find that possession can and does occur. People are possessed by angels. And these are the angels that do not support the welfare of humanity. It is their plan to bring our entire species to final destruction.


Thus if there was possession, we must blame it on the angels. And if angelic possession occurred, we can only blame ourselves for allowing it.


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