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Surgical Transfer Of Human Cellular Memory


By James Donahue

April, 2006


The proof of the Luciferian doctrine of universal intelligence and communication on all levels, from the single cell to the vastness of galaxies, is unveiling itself to us with startling clarity in recent years. The relatively recent advent of surgical transplanting of organs from human to human has generated some shocking stories that point directly to the transfer of cellular memory from the donor to the recipient.


Dr. Paul Pearsall, a psychooneuroimmunologist, Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Linda Russek, of the University of Arizona, participated in a study of heart and organ transplant recipients published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies in 2002. The report, titled “Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients That Parallel the Personalities of Their Donors,” concludes that cells of living tissue have the capacity to not only remember, but to pass this memory on to adjoining cells.


Some of the stories in the report include:


After he was killed in an automobile accident, an 18-year-old boy’s heart was donated to a recipient named Danielle. A year later his parents came across an audiotape of a song he had written titled “Danny, My Heart is Yours.” The song lyrics told about how he felt destined to die and to give his heart to someone named Danny. When Danielle later met the boy’s family, they played some of his music. Even though she never heard the songs, they were shocked when she was able to complete the phrases.


A 16-year-old boy who suffered from a mild form of cerebral palsy on the left side of his body was drowned. His heart was donated to a seven-month-old child. The recipient, who did not display symptoms prior to receiving the heart, developed stiffness and shaking in the left limbs.


A middle-aged man received a heart from a 14-year-old girl who was a gymnast and suffered from eating disorders. After that the man complained of becoming nauseated after eating. He also developed a giggle that that of a young girl.


A Caucasian man received a heart from an African-American teen. The recipient suddenly developed a love of classical music that he did not have prior to the transplant. He later learned that the donor not only loved classical music, but played the violin.


A lesbian and fast food junkie received a heart from a young woman who was a vegetarian. The donor also was described as “man crazy,” which was a personality exactly the opposite of the 29-year-old recipient. After that, the woman who received the heart said she found that eating meat made her sick, and she lost her interest in women. She later became engaged to marry a man.


Pearsall also told of an eight-year-old girl who received the heart of a ten-year-old girl who had been murdered. After the transplant, the recipient experienced nightmares of being murdered. The dreams were so traumatic that psychiatric help was sought. By working with the psychiatrist, it was learned that the dreams were so specific, they helped police find and arrest the killer.


Other stories included that of a Massachusetts woman who was terrified of heights until she was given the lungs of a mountain climber. After that, the woman started climbing mountains.


A Milwaukee lawyer received a heart of a 14-year-old boy and inherited his craving for Snickers candy bars.


A dancer told of becoming ill and eventually needing a heart transplant. After the operation the woman developed cravings for beer and chicken nuggets. She later learned these were favorites of her male donor.



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