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Severe Fire

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“Turdington Tub” Curse Hits 702 Radio


By James Donahue

Feb. 12, 2006


The curse launched by Psychic and Magickian Aaron C. Donahue and his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio listeners after Donahue’s January 29 interview with South African program host Kate Turkington was cut off and Donahue publicly ridiculed has already been having its effect.


Donahue announced Sunday that the station was hit by a severe fire last week that destroyed its main transmitter in Garankuwa and put the station temporarily off the air.


Since then 702 Radio has been broadcasting through an affiliate station and using a different AM call number. News reports from South Africa say the damage is extensive and it will take weeks before a new transmitter is in operation.


The suspected cause of the fire was lightning, South African authorities said.


Donahue offered a mantra for listeners to use if they wished to continue sending bad energy in Turkington’s direction. He said a true curse sometimes works slowly and creeps up on the recipient. He said because of the curse, Turkington’s career is already circling the drain.


Donahue said he had important information to give to the world and was looking for a chance to have access to a major radio network like 702 Radio, with affiliates all over the world, so that he could reveal it.


Because of Turkington’s response to him, and because of the way Coast to Coast Radio with Art Bell and George Noory treated him during a scheduled appearance January 1, Donahue said he has decided to go silent.


“I have made a discovery that will shock everybody and change the way people think and communicate,” Donahue said. “It was a gift from our progenitor.”


Donahue said the effect of what he has discovered will soon be felt around the world, and radio stations will be begging him for an interview. “But I am refusing any more public appearances,” he said.


“The only place you can hear me is on the Internet and I may not be here very long. The door is closing. Those of you who have been loyal to me will be blessed. Those who betrayed me will soon know they are forever lost. It would be better if you never knew me,” he said.



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