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New Show: Infinite Chaos With Zurx


By James Donahue

Jan. 13, 2006


A new show dedicated to the music and arts of the Luciferian culture will be featured at 10 p.m. Saturday, Eastern Time, on the Radioaaron Internet site.


The host of this show will be Zurx, an accomplished musician, who will act as a disk jockey and radio personality, says Psiomni President Aaron C. Donahue.


Donahue said the music presented on this show, and eventually around the clock on the 24-hour, Seven-day-a-week Internet broadcast, will continue in the Luciferian venue.


In addition, Zurx has been named as a member of a new Luciferian band that will be working with Donahue in the weeks ahead to develop a new form of music utilizing the latest technologies in sound and visual arts that will produce an altered state of consciousness for live audiences.


Zurx, a 23-year-old Arizona man, says his one-hour show will feature great music, the introduction of unique writers, musicians and other artists with examples of their work, and even readings.


Once organized, and a full repertory of music has been prepared, Donahue said the Luciferian band will begin touring, Donahue said. He said he believes this band will offer something that has been sorely missing from the creative arts for several years . . . real new creative sounds that the youth will love.


He said the name of the new band will be announced at the time it goes on tour.


The concerts are expected to attract large audiences because they promise to produce through sound and visual arts the same psychedelic and mind altering states of consciousness that were experienced during the days of bands like the Grateful Dead, when the smell of marijuana filled the air and everybody passed squares of LSD around the room.


With this music, Donahue said, he believes the same altered states of consciousness can be achieved without the use of illegal drugs. Thus the concerts will offer a spiritual experience that may change lives. And best of all, once the concert ends, everybody returns to a normal state of consciousness for the drive home.


If Donahue’s agenda goes as planned, he says he hopes to have temples opened at various places around the world. The band will perform in the temples as well as in public theaters as it tours.



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