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False Prophets Are Creating Designed Chaos


By James Donahue

July 2005


Remember Prophet Yahweh, the guy who claimed he would call forth UFOs on demand over Las Vegas during the first two weeks in July?


Yahweh got coverage on ABC News and Coast-to-Coast night radio before he was publicly exposed by Psychic viewers Aaron C. Donahue and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe. After that, the strange jumping lights in the sky over Las Vegas went away.


The UFOs never reappeared over Las Vegas during the time promised by Yahweh, whose real name is Raymond Watkins. 


Donahue and Sharpe charged that the Prophet Yahweh affair was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by a group of Christians out to ridicule and discredit the Luciferian movement. The movement involves a collective and spiritual effort to make contact with the alien race that created us in an attempt to save a remnant of the human race before we go extinct.


Donahue says his story, that humans are humanoids implanted with the DNA of Lucifer, threatens all organized religions of the world.


The lights went out, but Watkins hasn’t gone away.


He announced on July 14 that the “summoning” has now been postponed until next year because the media blackballed him and failed to show up.


“This event was for the media only, and the public was not invited,” he said. “After ABC TV-13 filmed a couple Yahweh’s UFOs on my prayer signal, they and all the media broke the agreement and backed out of the deal. All the local television stations refused to talk to me,” Watkins wrote.


It appears that Aaron’s threat was heard and taken seriously. It should have been.


Unfortunately Watkins isn’t the only self-proclaimed “prophet” out there attempting to cash in on the Luciferian concept. There is now a growing list of proclaimed “seers,” “prophets,” “remote viewers” and the like that are claiming to be in contact with aliens, claiming to see lottery numbers and claiming to see the future.


These are things that Aaron C. Donahue is doing with remarkable accuracy. Donahue is proving his abilities weekly on his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio show, which airs every Sunday. Go to for more information.


(The latest character brought to this writer’s attention is a viewer who calls himself Gerald O’Donnell (very Irish and sounding a lot like Aaron Donahue) and who claims to be in contact with “The One,” is promoting saving the Mother Earth, and says he was trained in remote viewing and remote intuition by a “Western European intelligence agency in the 1980s. You can order training tapes from O’Donnell and learn all he knows for a low price of $248, or just order his remote viewing tape for $98.)


We are wondering when one of these would-be prophets are going to stop a Category Five Typhoon and literally turn it in a circle in its track during a live radio show as Donahue did during his July 17 appearance. Or if they will talk to a demon through the body of a possessed human over the telephone, as was accomplished during shows on June 13 and 19.


Donahue, who actually sees future events and is working hard to head off a nuclear war looming between the United States and China, says he does not need a battery of false prophets “trying to be me."


He says he is trying to bring about a paradigm shift in human thought and launch a new worldwide spiritual movement that will replace the archaic religious systems before humanity blindly destroys the Earth and goes into self-imposed extinction.


Donahue says there is no messiah that is about to appear in the sky to save the human race from itself.


“The messiah exists in all of us,” he said. “If we are going to save the human race, we have to do it ourselves.”

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