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Aaron Today: Ritalin Poisoning of Gifted Children


By James Donahue

July 10, 2005


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue will devote a portion of today’s Internet Voice of Lucifer radio broadcast to the false claim of attention deficit disorder (ADD) among gifted right-brain children and the use of the poisonous drug Ritalin to force these children into public conformity.


He says ADD is really a misleading label for a successful mutation in human intellectual evolution. These children, instead of expressing patterns of limited attention, are in reality exhibiting important aspects of right brain functioning.


Donahue argues that right brain functioning among the new generation will help ensure survival of at least a remnant of humanity during what he sees as a chaotic future. He says our success, however, will hinge on an even further breakdown of the bicameral brain.


Suppressing this important evolutionary process with drugs like Ritalin is wrong and must be stopped, Donahue says. Not only is Ritalin wrong, it now has been found to be damaging chromosomes in children and may be a precursor to certain forms of cancer later in life.


Donahue will talk about these new findings and offer suggestions for chromosomal maintenance, repair and supplementation.


Aaron also will be disclosing attacks against his home and family by Christian neighbors and the local police after they learned about his Luciferian views. He writes on his web log:


“Unfortunately, a large number of Christians live within a general area of my residence. Many of these Christians have made it very clear that I am not welcome in “their” community. I am being forced to leave my home due to the intensity of hatred, illegal police harassment, threats upon my life and housing discrimination against other non-Christians who (cash in hand) were overtly refused the opportunity to purchase three homes for sale adjacent to my own.”


Before he leaves, however, Donahue says he has a simple plan to make a joke out of the incident and leave an imprint on the community that will not be forgotten.  


Other topics on today’s agenda:


--The science of longevity.


--Priority terrorist targets within the United States.


--Housing discrimination and illegal police harassment.


--Aaron’s invitations to participate in upcoming media events.


Also Aaron’s sister, Jennifer Sharpe, will be talking about Lucifer’s message to all woman.


Today’s show begins at 3 p.m. Pacific, and 6 p.m. Eastern Time. Go to to listen. All shows are archived for free downloads.



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