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Bathin's Ship

A Ship In The Sky And No More


When the Spirit Bathin was raised, the demon appeared as an object. The drawing clearly shows the elongated and intricate design of what appears to be a space ship, or UFO to use contemporary venacular. 


And this leads to the strange thought that perhaps the ship is a living entity. Or the demon is still hidden inside the ship and choosing not to be exposed by the viewer.


Bathin's appearance strangely makes sense when you study the description of him, passed down by the old magickians. They had glimpses but without the advantages of remote viewing.


S. L. MacGregor Mathers described the spirit as "a strong man with a serpent's tail and sitting upon a pale colored horse." Indeed, such a ship passing through the sky might give the appearance of a rider on a pale horse. A propulsion system behind the moving ship might release a vapor trail that would look like the long tail of a serpent.


In Pseudomonarchia daemonum, Johann Wier noted that Bathin has the ability to transfer men "suddenly from country to country." A fast moving space ship like the one pictured in the Kalashnikov drawing could certainly do this. A demon on a horse might not.


Wier states that Bathin also goes by the names Bathym, Mathim and Marthim. He is a duke that controls 30 legions of demons


He is the 18th spirit listed in the Goetia.

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