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Train Of Hurricanes Coming – Get Used To It!


By James Donahue

September 2004


A few days ago I heard a weather prognosticator attempting to assure television listeners that the line-up of deadly hurricanes sweeping Florida and the Eastern Atlantic seaboard is a natural cyclical event that happens every so many years.


Not to worry. This is a natural thing.


Oh, my God . . . are people who have lived in these areas all of their lives, in homes built by their parents or grandparents, going to accept that line? These storms are tearing the roofs from their homes, ripping up power lines and flooding everything that is left.


Not only that, but the United States has been beset by no less than a record 1,216 tornadoes in 2004. And we still have four months to go.


Doesn’t anybody see something wrong with this picture? And those talking heads that give us our weather forecasts are trying to assure everybody that there isn’t anything unusual happening.


That is hogwash and anybody with a brain should know it.


These monster storms are caused by climate weather changes brought on our heads by global warming. Of course, President George W. Bush doesn’t want us to believe this because it would be bad for business in the U.S. if we tried to do what needs to be done to stop the greenhouse effect of all that carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other pollutants being spewed into our atmosphere daily by factories all over the world.


The very worst polluters are in the United States, China and India.


Everybody wants to run their factories at full power, burning coal or oil, and not spend money on those important smoke stack scrubbers that filter out the harmful gasses. That eats up profits. That means the rich guys don’t get richer as fast as they want.


Everybody wants to drive gas guzzling SUVs and other big ticket vehicles that burn gasoline and spit more and more carbon monoxide into the air. The Chinese are just getting into cars and they are building thousands of miles of new roads to drive them on.


Everybody wants to burn electricity that comes from outdated coal fired generating plants that cough clouds of black smoke filled with carbon dioxide into the skies over our heads. They even think driving electric cars, charged every night from their home electric outlets, will help the environment.


The solution to all of this was, at one time, a radically diminished lifestyle and a dependence on new, environmentally friendly energy sources. But we didn’t bother searching for those new energy sources. And we insisted on maintaining the old life style that depended on fossil fuels.


Now it is too late, many scientists are daring to say. They are cautiously supporting predictions by psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue who says we have gone past the point of no return. We have thrown our planet into a cycle of global warming that can no longer be stopped or reversed.


Planet Earth is now in its death throes. Eventually . . . possibly within the next 30 years . . . . Donahue sees the planet warming to a point where life will become extinct. Our oceans, which are clearly dying before our eyes, will begin to evaporate as some scientists believe happened on Venus. Eventually the temperature of our air will average from 400 to 700 degrees Farenheit.


In the meantime, look for extreme weather. The big category five hurricanes now tearing up the Gulf regions of the Atlantic Ocean are only a start. And super tornados will be common across the land.


The winters will be more severe. Killer heat waves will occur each summer. Look for failed crops, food shortages, and wars to break out over dwindling natural resources.


And while it happens, remember George W. Bush. While he isn’t to be totally blamed for this, he was elected to office by people who should have known better. He represents big business interests who don’t give a damn as long as their pockets are stuffed.