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False Viewer Mocks The Purpose Behind The Great Pyramid


By James Donahue


It seems that a “remote viewer” named Govany Perony has published The Book of Ahau in which he reveals new secrets of the Great Pyramid.


Perony claims he has discovered a chamber behind the King’s Chamber that contains a mummy and offerings, still intact. He writes that there is a pivoting door at one wall to the King’s Chamber that can be opened by a mechanism found on the “coffer.”


Below the King’s Chamber Perony says he finds a machine that looks like a car radiator, and there is a library filled with rolled parchment behind the west wall of the Queen’s Chamber.


Deep below all of this, at the base of the pyramid, Perony says he finds a cylindrical room with a tall cylindrical object that looks like a generator in the middle. He believes this machine is the heart of “the system” that existed at the time the pyramid was built. He says a tunnel connects this area with the nearby Sphinx.


Indeed. You can buy Perony’s book at Amazon or the many other book dealerships peddling their wares on the web. But I warn you, it is a fabrication designed to titillate your mind and take your money.


The Great Pyramid has been explored by every conceivable means known to mankind. Not only have people examined every square inch of this magnificent structure with a magnifying glass, they have poked instruments into every crack and hole, sent tiny robots with cameras down shafts that lead to dead ends, and used laser, reflective seismology, X-ray, magnetic measuring devices, sound waves and even “cosmic rays” to probe the rocks.


Other than a few open spaces apparently created during the construction of the pyramid, there appear to be no further secrets to be revealed within this structure. Even the means by which it was built seems to be known.


There is a new theory, that has much validity, that the ancients who built the pyramids understood the secrets of using soil compositions and pressure to create solid concrete-like blocks that stand untouched for thousands of years.


Thus, it seems that the Great Pyramid was poured, much like modern builders erect great monuments, with a mixture much like modern cement.


From all that we know about this structure, it was never used as a king’s tomb, or the tomb of a queen either. Its existence, as do the presence of similar massive pyramid structures all over the world, was a message from its builders.


The people who built the pyramids used their bicameral minds. Since that magical time in history, humans have lost their ability to think with both halves of their brains. Religious and social influences have turned us into left brain thinkers.


Thus we cannot understand the purpose of the pyramids. That a society would spend years building a massive piece of art like this in the Egyptian desert, defies contemporary logic.


And there lies both the mystery and the genius of the great pyramids. They are a riddle for modern man to try to solve before it is too late.