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Angelic Music Blocks Meditation, Right Brain Functioning


By James Donahue


Most, if not all of the music in the world is given us by angelic inspiration. The Roman Catholic Church made sure of it.


Psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue discovered that unique tones and sounds, given him by the 72 Goetia Spirits when they were evoked in 2002, do not exist in the musical maelstrom throughout the world.


Many people do not realize that the music industry has been controlled by the church for hundreds of years. The great composers were allowed to write their symphonies, fugues and choral music for the glory of the Christian concept of god. Contemporary rock artists, including the Beatles and singer Lisa Gerrard, vocalist for Dead Can Dance, were blocked from introducing tones that touched upon the music of the Goetia. Consequently, nobody has heard it.


Donahue says the tones comprise music so beautiful that once it is heard, people’s lives are changed forever. He said it is a song that alters the way people think. It is the music the world needs so it can be healed. But we are blocked from hearing it.


A few years ago, when my wife and I were first aware of the angelic influence in our behavior and thought patterns, we began working on ways to get angels out of our home and our lives. It was a battle. At times when I would leave my body, I would come face-to-face with a literal host of angelic beings packed around us. They look like tall, thin bats. I learned to use mind techniques to attack and chase them off.


One of the strange ways the angels worked against us was to put Christian hymns in our head. I don’t know how many times I would find myself humming or even singing them aloud while driving to work. My wife was having the same experience.


After winning our personal battle, and getting the home free of these pests, we were free of the angelic mind games. In fact, I have generally lost interest in contemporary music. That may be because the music industry today is virtually controlled by Christian-based corporations. Who would have thought we would see MTV hosting promotional stories about Christian rock music.


Another way the angels attack us is through bells. Notice that all of the older churches have tall steeples (phallic symbols) with big bells hanging in them. The bells used to be rung on Sunday mornings as a call to worship. They also were rung at funerals and at special occasions. I recall all of the churches in my hometown ringing their bells at the end of World War II. It was part of the wild hubbub going on throughout the town as people celebrated in the streets.


We have been brainwashed to believe bells are a joyful sound, associated with good things and angels. Indeed, they are. But the angels and the churches that ring the bells are not good for the human race.


Donahue, who is sensitive to sounds especially during advance remote viewing sessions, says the tone of the bells pierce his mental thought patterns, preventing him from success. He says the bells produce tones that block right brain functioning.


No wonder, then, that church bells start ringing at every place Aaron locates. He believes angelic possession creates these attacks. Towns where church bells have hung silent and rusting for years, suddenly become inspired to start ringing their bells when Aaron arrives to set up shop.


He currently is battling a 150-year-old Roman Catholic Church where the parishioners pooled their money in special donations to get the old bells repaired, and a clocked mechanical ringing device attached. Within weeks after Aaron arrived, the bells began ringing every hour, on the hour, for 12 consecutive hours a day. Sometimes they ring on the half hour as well.


Fighting church bells is an uphill battle. People are so brainwashed, they cannot conceive of anyone who does not enjoy hearing them.


No matter where you might choose to live in America, a church with bells in its belfry can usually be found within hearing distance.


The angelic control of the human race runs deep, and it will be hard to root it out. Before it can be done, people need to be aware that a problem even exists.