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Fly Storms and
Giant Fungal Plants

Readers may wonder what drives my campaign to save the world from what I believe may be extreme, if not total environmental destruction.

Psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue
has placed an image in my head that won't go away. He says all remote viewers get this picture when they look into the future. Their vision:

The world appears to them as a dark, ultra heated and dank place. The air is thick and heavy with noxious gasses and the stench of decaying plants and animals. Moisture drips from anything left standing, and there isn't much to be found that is standing. Everything ever erected by humanity is in rubble. There are no animals or humans but there is life. The ground is so thick with bugs it seems to be in constant motion. There are so many flies they dominate the landscape. Their buzzing is an overwhelming roar. When they swarm the sky turns black. They generate thick black clouds of fly storms.

There is one other kind of life. It is a giant mushroom-type organism that looms high over the landscape. It appears to be some kind of new life form, related to ergot rye mold. The mold's existence may be linked to human experimentation in genetically modified foods. It, like the bugs, seems to thrive in an environment that is nearly depleted of oxygen and too hot for any other life forms.

This is what the remote viewers see in the future. It is the same picture all over the world. By the time this occurs, the human race appears to be extinct.

How much time do we have? To date, remote viewing is not an exact science. One of its problems is getting timelines. Dates of events, exact names, and numbers have been rarely, if ever, achieved. Thus those glimpses of future events are only shadowy peeks at probabilities, based on the direction humanity is presently traveling. If something can be done to alter the course we are taking today, the next look into the future might produce another picture altogether. My hope is that enough people will read my stories, become alarmed, and take steps to do something about this looming disaster. It is idiotic for us to be rampantly destroying our planet at a time when many of us are just waking up and discovering who we really are.

Renowned physicist
Stephen Hawking, in a recent speech in Edinburgh, England, warned that he fears the human race will not survive for another thousand years. He said he believes global warming or an "accident" might wipe out all life on Earth.

Hawking renewed the warning he made last year when interviewed by CNN's Larry King that global warming is not only real, it is in danger of reaching a point in which it begins to intensify without further help from human produced waste. When this happens, "the atmosphere might get hotter and hotter until (the Earth) will be like Venus with boiling sulfuric acid" and uninhabitable.

Although I think he knows the truth, Hawking chose not to be an alarmist when he made this speech. The psychic/remote viewer says he believes the picture he describes, showing flies, bugs and giant mushrooms, could happen much sooner. In fact, he says we may see the arrival of the ominous fungus and the start of the breakdown of life as we know it on this planet within the next 30 years.

He predicts a massive killing 
of most of the world's population, with the surviving humans trying to exist in this increasingly heated and toxic environment. At best, the human race has no longer than 300 years before it becomes extinct, the psychic said.

This does not have to be the future. As already stated, if enough people become aware of the direction we are headed and make changes now, this ugly picture of the end of our world might yet be averted.

If we don't change our ways, however, a takeover by flies, bugs and fungus is what looms for planet Earth. And that is only going to last for a brief period. Once the planet is void of all of its water, and the insects have consumed all of the decaying trees and animals, the Earth will become just another sterile planet, spinning in the universe. We are not the first living planet to go barren. We probably won't be the last.

This warning is real. We stand threatened with extinction because we have overpopulated, 
polluted and stripped our planet of its riches. We have cut the trees to build houses and make paper. We have created artificial, chemically-based products to build our houses, make our clothes and move quickly from place to place. We have mined the minerals and smelted iron. We have ravaged the planet in search of rare minerals for personal wealth. We have polluted the soil, the water and the air without regard for the ecological balance of nature. Our military has used nuclear weapons, rockets and HAARP to cut holes in the delicate ozone layer that once protected us from the dangerous ultra-violet rays of the sun. Now we are being slowly cooked alive, as if we are living in a giant microwave oven. The insanity began about 1900 and it has never stopped.

The only thing that will save us now is a dramatic reduction
in the human population of the world and a collective decision to instantly turn off all carbon based energy burning engines. Then we need to start planting trees. Billions of new trees all over the world.

But I am a realist. I know that most people are so blinded by their personal little tunnel view of the universe they cannot see the danger. They are numbed by the soothing voices of the daily commentators on their television screens and radios, telling them that everything is just fine. People like me are not liked. What we say hurts the ears because the people do not want to consider the truth. They are assured by the promise by the church that an external god will take care of them that they will not accept the warning that they must save themselves.

Think of these things the next time you bite into an ear of corn or a slice of bread. The grain you eat has been genetically engineered. Even the wheat will be altered in the laboratories of some big chemical company after next year.

When the cows start dying from ergot rye mold, 
the ax has begun to fall. Zero hour has arrived. Start listening then for the buzz of the flies.