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“If Aliens Exist . . . “


By James Donahue


They show themselves almost daily now as their ships are seen in the sky. They not only walk among us, both in physical and spiritual form, they also are inhabiting our bodies and causing us to do their will.


Yet our clueless scientific community . . . ever sticking to established scientific principles . . . fails to see or understand the evidence of their presence.


I am writing about intelligent life from other stars . . . other places in the universe. I am talking about the entities we refer to as aliens.


I have met these spiritual beings face to face during exploits out of the body. I have done battle with angels. Psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue has examined and drawn each of the 72 Goetia Spirits (demons) and found them to be intelligent alien life from other worlds. Their ships flit through both the night and daytime sky. We have seen them. Many have been photographed.


I must shake my head when I read stories about efforts by astronomers and researchers for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) to identify intelligent radio signals transmitted from the stars.


The SETI program, over 100 workers with a band of massive radio receivers turned to the sky from the high New Mexico desert, a transmission system sending messages into space, and an array of telescopes aimed at the night sky, has been listening for “voices” from the stars since 1984.


Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, recently said he is confident that intelligent life . . . “if any exists” . . . will be found within the next 20 years.


That is because Shostak and his team are using computers to analyze the sounds of 100 billion stars in the Milky Way. They believe it will take that long for the high speed machines to examine and analyze signals from so many places.


I must ask if these people are as dumb as this sounds, or if they have simply found themselves a comfortable job in the system that promises to keep operating somewhat indefinitely.


While SETI is a non-profit organization, it gets funding from such tax and public funded places as NASA, the US Department of Energy, the US Geological Survey, the National Science Foundation, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, International Astronomical Union, Pacific Science Center, the Hewlett-Packard Company, and a list of foundations and private donors.


Thus we have the makings of a shadow bureaucracy. And I wager there isn’t a person on that staff, or on that board of directors, who dares to suggest that the Christian angelic agenda is a load of bunk, that angels and demons are aliens, and that their ships are being seen in our skies.


To say such a thing would quickly crash that nice little nest. The “Christian” oriented public funding would be cut off and SETI would be shut down.


Even though some of the people in SETI might really suspect something is amiss, they are keeping their mouths shut. Why spoil a good thing while it lasts?


The truth, however, will soon be known.