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Italian Priests Practicing Demonic Exorcism


By James Donahue


I find it laughable that the Roman Catholic priests in Italy are taking up the old practice of exorcising demonic spirits from the bodies of the “possessed.”


Led by Gabriele Amorth, the top exorcist in Rome, an army of some 300 priests are battling the “forces of evil” with those traditional tools that include gold crosses, holy water, a book of prayers and perhaps a few Bible verses.


“I am afraid to report that occultism, Satanism and black magic are becoming very popular here. The forces are on the march,” Amorth said in a recent interview.


Apparently there is a resurgence of interest in esoteric matters among the people of Italy. They are tinkering with the black arts, fortune tellers, faith healers and a variety of other things labeled as sinful by the church. The church is fighting back in the only way it seems to know how.


But what helps the priests determine if a person is possessed?


“If the person reacts violently to the sacraments or blessings then it is a case of possession,” said Amorth. This writer must be among the possessed souls on this planet. As a Luciferian I know that if a Catholic priest attempted to read Bible verses in my face and sprinkle me with holy water I might react quite violently.


Strangely enough, the priests are quite right when they say people in their parish are possessed because they are. But they are most likely possessed by angels, not demons.


I also must admit that demonic possession also is on the increase all over the world as well. Ever since the concept of the 72 Goetia Spirits were introduced on the web sites of Aaron C. Donahue and this site in 2002, complete with their remote viewed pictures and their sigils, millions of people have been receptive to demonic intervention for the first time in a few thousand years.


While possession by any outside spirit is not desirable, the fact that demons are entering the bodies of millions of people all over the planet must be perceived as a good thing. If we must have possession we must have balance. We must not allow the angelic spirits to rule this world without opposition. And the demons are here to do battle.


The Catholic priests don’t have a clue to what is going on. Nor do they realize that they, themselves, are probably being manipulated by angelic energies that have been controlling their actions most of their lives. It is the angels that are using the human bodies to do war. And war this planet is about to have. If you think George W. Bush’s Christian crusade against the Muslims is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.


Amorth’s concept of demonic possession seems to come right out of a Hollywood script, which makes a real joke of it.


“If there are demons I need to know in what number they’re in possession,” he said. “Sometimes they enter through a human curse or spell, and I need to find out the details. If it is the Devil himself, the first step is to call him by his name, which is Lucifer, Beelzebub or Satan.”


Indeed, this guy actually believes Lucifer, the father of the human race, is parading around this planet dressed in a red devil suit, complete with pitchfork and forked red tail. Or that he might appear as Beelzebub, the legendary Lord of the Flies.


In the interview, Amorth said he sometimes spends weeks or years chasing demons out of people. He says he uses a ritual involving up to 1,614 ancient prayers. He uses body contact, oils and holy water to “aggravate the demon” and chase it away.


I have to wonder if it is that hard to chase angels out of the body.


I think the whole concept of personal control of the body is a bit more simplified than the church would have us believe. If we want to be free, there are ways of driving spirits from our own bodies. The secret is in recognizing the entity that lives within us, and then demanding that it leave.


It involves a little personal magick, which everybody is quite capable of doing. Most folks just don’t know it.