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Cats Are Psychic Gifts To Mankind


By James Donahue


We have had a lot of cats in our home throughout the years. I like their graceful moves, their beauty, their haughty attitudes, and especially enjoy them for their intelligence and psychic abilities.


Sometimes I think cats live in a different dimension than humans.


I find it strange that a lot of humans dislike cats. I have seen grown men go out of their way to run over a cat on the edge of the road. There are superstitions about black cats, and I am told that one high U.S. official believes calico cats are evil.


Beliefs like that . . . mostly stemming from the Christian based fear of witchcraft and dark forces . . . are negative energies. The psychic abilities that make cats so unique appear to be the things that stimulate the angelic-powered disdain. This has caused unnecessary suffering among the cats of the world. It also has tended to cull out the less intelligent and cunning members of the cat population so that most house cats are very bright.


I was stirred to write this piece by a recent report of a special cat living in a long-term patient care facility in Davenport, Iowa, that comforts the dying.


Sissy Cat, an adult pet tiger that was recently donated to the facility, senses when a person is dying. The nurses say the cat will “plant herself” in the person’s room and stay by his or her side until they are gone.


“That can be for days and days, but she will climb on their bed, or sit in the chair with them,” one employee said.


Not only that, Sissy Cat has been observed touching a patient in an arm or leg where they have pain. If allowed, the cat will bond with the patient, giving them comfort until they are dead, the story said.


I know this is something cats strangely do for their owners. Our cat, a tiger named Tucker, has especially bonded with my wife Doris, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. That disease creeps up on a person, causing great pain at times in any part of the body. Tucker always knows when Doris has something wrong and if she is in bed, he will plant himself right over or against the sore places.


Doris said the cat not only gives her a body heat that is soothing, but it seems to draw away the pain and give her relief. She said she sometimes thinks the cat is healing her.


I recall one day when I was suffering from a severe pain in my lower back. I took a few moments for a nap, and was lying on my side, when Tucker got on the bed and curled up so that he was pressing firmly against the small of my back . . . right where it hurt. He was like a little heating pad and I loved having him there.


Cats seem to be in touch with reality, that is, they can see alien life forms that exist around us. Tucker often looks intently at a corner of the room, or will follow an unseen object as it moves across the room.


He has lived with us in various haunted places, and is quite aware when the spirits are nearby. Once I believe Tucker came to me in spirit form.


I was working that day at my desk and sat back for a moment in thought, with my left arm dropped over the arm of my chair. At that moment I distinctly felt the touch of a cat’s tail, gently brushing against my hand. Cats communicate with their tails, letting you know they are near. It is their way of saying “hello.”


I reached down to give the cat a gently tap of affection and was surprised to find nothing there. There was no sign of Tucker in the room. I got up to investigate and found him asleep on a bed in an adjoining room.