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The Insanity Of Not Wanting To Know


By James Donahue


I watched a review of the 911 hearings on C-Span last week and was amazed at what I was hearing. A spokesman for the CIA said the agency believes another major terrorist attack in the United States is eminent and there is little that can be done to stop it.


That agent was not telling the American public, or that committee, the truth. The CIA has used remote viewers successfully in the past, they know that the technique works, but they appear to be prohibited from using it and may even be afraid to suggest it because of the powers that currently run the country.


President George W. Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft are Bible-thumping "born-again" conservative Christians who seem to believe that anything magical like seeing future events with the mind is "of the devil," and they wont have anything to do with it.


Are Bush and Ashcroft refusing to allow the best of the remote viewers, psychic Aaron C. Donahue, to help the country solve its terrorism problem because of religious convictions? Are they worried that Donahue might in some way show that their religious belief system is flawed and that Aaron, a proclaimed Luciferian, might be right?


To date, Donahue's offer to stop terrorism has gone unanswered. And the clock is ticking.


Months and possibly years before 911, Aaron was working with Maj. Ed Dames and F. M. Bonsall. He said one of the targets Dames gave him asked for the next major newsworthy event. Aaron drew New York City without the World Trade Center towers in the picture. He said his data showed two missile-like structures striking a specific area within New York City.


Due to a lack of interest in his work, the data produced in that training session was never worked again, or checked by other viewers. Donahue believes that if he had the support he needed then, the 911 attack could have been averted and the U. S. would currently be at peace.


Donahue states that the initial run of any viewing session will produce peripheral information leading to future sessions that pertain to specific questions. "The aforementioned 911 data was specific enough to raise the right questions and provide the answers needed to prevent the attack."


Since then, Donahue has developed his skills as a remote viewer to an advanced level of accuracy that has amazed people all over the world. He calls his new technique the Practical Application of Non-Historical Data, or PAN. He twice used the technique to see and post winning lottery numbers on his web site for six and five consecutive days, respectfully, each posting prior to the drawings.


Aaron successfully tracked missing people for public television programs, while cameras were rolling. All of this can be viewed by going to his web site and downloading the television segments.


With this kind of demonstrated and proven skill, it would seem that someone in high places would be very interested in Aaron's public announcement that he can provide information that will stop the next terrorist attack.


"I have full confidence in my work. It astounds me that during these desperate times we have world leaders making decisions without knowing the highly probable consequences. A psychic can lay out all of those probabilities and advise a world leader, thus providing the best possible future," Aaron said.


"Ronald Reagan was the last American president to have sought the advice of psychics and this explains his dramatic success as a world leader," he said.


"President Bush should never make a decision without a psychic by his side because of the dynamic probabilities he faces in terms of the future."  


By stopping the first attack, America would demonstrate that it has an effective system of defense against terrorism. It would be a major step toward keeping the homeland safe, something Tom Ridge's Homeland Security organization is not going to do without Aaron's help.


The only way to stop a suicide attack is to have advance knowledge of where and when it will occur. A remote viewer of Aaron's caliber can produce this kind of information.