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Should Scare You

A recently published report confirms something the psychic has been seeing for years. . . that the six billion plus people now packing this earth are more than the planet can support. The human race is literally breeding itself into extinction.

An organization called World Wide Fund for Nature
(WWF) in Brussels calculated that humans are pushing the planet about 30 percent beyond its capacity to provide from its natural resources "without suffering serious damage."

The report released in October noted that "if people in the developing world consumed as much as those living in the richest countries, the human race would need another two planet Earths to cope."

The WWF report measured the amount of natural resources needed to provide basic things like food, energy and manufactured goods to carry the burden, or "ecological footprint" each person is leaving on the environment.

The results of the study, published in Living Planet Report 2000, were frightening. If the study is correct, there are no longer enough natural resources to feed, clothe and shelter everyone without killing the planet.

It should be no surprise, then, that people are already starving and living in extreme poverty in many of the world's underdeveloped countries. Wars are breaking out over territory. On the other hand, people in the so-called developed nations, who enjoy a higher than average standard of living, are consuming more than their fair share of the world's resources.

That we have large and powerful corporations bent on gaining rich profits though continued exploitation and pillaging of the planet intensifies our dilemma. That people in developed nations are constantly being programmed by slick advertising campaigns to buy more clothes, shoes, cars, and pleasure toys than they need, is an example of the extreme insanity occurring in our society. Some outspoken scientists, including the renowned physicist Stephen
Hawking, are warning that the human race is speeding toward total extinction.

The effects of overpopulation are having dramatic results. Because we have cut down the trees and filled the ground and atmosphere with toxic elements, we no longer live on a life-friendly planet. The dynamic storms, droughts, general changes and unpredictability of weather patterns, global warming, melting ice caps, mass extinction of various plants and animals, mutated frogs, appearance of deadly new strains of disease are affecting everyone. I predict that if we don't get our appetite for materialism under control and stop having babies, the disaster going on around us will intensify expeditiously.

Even if we could do these two things (which we won't), the human race would still find itself in a serious quandary. We still have too many people attempting to live on a planet that lacks the resources to support all of us. The WWF report suggests that we need to also take immediate steps to reduce this population because we face the possibility of not having a living planet under our feet. When a planet dies, living creatures in the three-dimensional universe we share cannot survive there. Mars is a good example of what I am talking about. That planet, like Earth, once teemed with water and living things. Today it is just another spinning rock in the night sky.

Efforts to control the world's population growth have been tried without much success. China, 
where the people live under the rule of communism, is the only nation that successfully moved to control the number of children allowed in each family. And it was done by force.

Largely thanks to the church and other religious influences, peaceful efforts at world-wide birth control failed. Now we have reached a point where the only solution seems to be the unthinkable. That is the selected reduction of our numbers. Statistics seem to indicate that billions must be gone within the next decade if the human race stands any chance at survival. We seem to find ourselves in a space ship that is running out of enough food, supplies and oxygen for everybody aboard. The physicists aboard calculate that half the passengers must be thrown overboard so the rest might live.

Rather than listen to the warnings and face this ugly dilemma, however, it seems that most of the passengers would rather shut their ears to such warnings. They prefer to continue along as if everything is just fine. They rationalize about the growing number of respiratory ailments caused by our polluted air and the rising number of cancers and other strange illnesses caused by contaminated foods and a destroyed ozone layer. They believe the television news reporters who promise that the violent weather patterns are a natural phenomenon. But they cannot remain complacent much longer.

Because of the extensive damage already done to the world eco-system, some argue it is even too late even for a mass reduction in our population to save us. We are already living on a dying planet.

Nature has a way of solving problems of overpopulation of a species. When the fox population gets too thick in a specific area, for example, there is a die-off caused by a food shortage, disease, or predators. These things do not seem to work with humans, however. Because we are an intelligent species, we see the event coming and take steps to avoid it.

Of all the animals on this planet, man is among the few that has no natural predator. We seem to be an unnatural predator against all other life on this planet. Because our presence upsets the natural balance of nature, I sometimes wonder if humans even belong here. It is as if we all came here from another place in the universe. If allowed to continue unchecked, we not only threaten our own extinction, but the extinction of every living thing around us.

I believe, at least on a subconscious level, we are all thinking now about a mass eradication of people. Even if we are aliens, we are still living in the bodies of animals and we seem to possess a natural instinct for survival. I don't think a week passes that I haven't noticed a television documentary about past extinctions of plants and animals that occurred on this planet. Some say it happened as many as four different times.

Theories claim the disasters were caused either by sun flares, collisions with meteorites, pole shifts, or possibly powerful volcanic explosions that blocked out the sun and created an ice age. Nobody knows exactly how it happened in the past. All of the reports suggest that whatever occurred could happen again. There is no assurance, however, that any natural event will occur in time to save us. The discovery of the asteroid named 2000 SG344, that might be on a near-collision course with Earth by the year 2030, seems to be our best bet. But careful scientific calculations show that this rock will probably miss our planet by about three billion miles.

There is still a chance yet for a plague, scourge or pandemic to do the job. Such evil bugs as e-bola, Rift Valley fever, and yellow fever are killing a lot of people in Africa and the Middle East. There are reports that enemy forces are prepared to use smallpox and anthrax in biological warfare, and the new killers AIDS and Mad Cow Disease are causing a lot of death. To date, however, the World Health Organization has been doing too good a job keeping most of this stuff in check.

The ultimate solution seems to be war.

War is a man-made disaster that seems to be especially designed to keep our numbers in check. It is a lop-sided solution, however, since it usually involves sending our strongest and finest males off to die on a battlefield. This practice must be taking its toll on the quality of the human gene pool. It is my opinion that wars should, instead, be fought by the old and the misfits of the world, rather than by our finest breeding stock. I believe the next war, however, will be global in scope, and nobody will escape its fangs. The world is now equipped with enough nuclear, biological, chemical and other killing agents that a world-wide confrontation will bring a fast and almost painless execution of a lot of people within days, if not hours.

If you think I am some radical nut case ranting away in is dark little corner, consider this.

Everything on this planet is now so toxic, the planet is not only killing us, it is killing the plants and animals we depend on for life support. A team of British scientists, in a report published in the latest issue of Nature, warned that even the planting of trees may not be enough to stop the massive heating of the planet that has been started. Hawking warns that the Earth could reach temperatures of 400 degrees or higher, making the planet barren.

Psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue sees remnants of the human race hanging on for perhaps 300 years if radical steps are taken immediately to stop the pollution. Without these steps, and without immediate depopulation, his time lines show our extinction occurring much sooner. His clock shows no more than 30 years, tops.