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Was It A Time Traveler Or Alien Visitation?


By James Donahue


A strange report issued by an unnamed Australian research group suggests that world religions are based upon myth and legends that point to time travelers that visited humans in the distant past.


The story notes that the founding prophets of the world's various belief systems often referred to a "messenger in a bright light," or oracle, that provided wisdom about the future. This messenger used stones, tablets, wheels or plates to convey the information.


The writers suggest that a time traveler equipped with a portable or lap-top computer and CD-Rom disks showing contemporary historical images could have provided the information that launched the great world religions.


"The accounts in ancient texts taken to be of their past historical events plus the descriptions of future revelations pertaining to a particular End Time war, the opening of a Sealed Book, and the observation of associated comets, are actually a retelling of a Show and Tell to those ancient peoples," the story said.


The writer said that warnings about false religions in the various texts could have been caused by the time traveler attempting to correct "an original time back-step that first made ancient man in the Middle East interpret a visit from the future as a visit from one of God's angels."


Instead of fixing the misunderstanding, each warning served in a strange was as a reinforcement of the "angel of God" religious concept, the writer suggests.


"Having no comprehension of time travel or computer technology, the ancient people told of their encounter . . . in religious terms and within their own (limits of) understanding," the story concludes.


All of this is an interesting idea, but the concept of a time traveler visiting people as early as 5000 BC somehow has a few holes in it. 


If time travelers came among the people from the future then, why don't we have them visiting us now? Also this story dismisses the concept of right brain functioning that allows people to leave their bodies, go into a timeless astral world and communicate with entities that can accurately tell us about the future as well as the real past.


I believe there were gifted people who came to Earth during those ancient days who had the capability of using both hemispheres of their brains, and who could accurately foretell of future events. They also had amazing psychic and healing abilities that made them appear as gods among the simple minded humanoids living entirely in their left brains.


But I do not believe the Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus Christ or other spiritual teachers ever intended their work among the people to turn into religious slavery. They were attempting to lead them into an awakening so they could be free of this kind of bondage. The human was meant to evolve, not submit to religious enslavement and forced restriction.


Interestingly, the myths of messengers of light that brought wheels and tablets also suggest alien visitations. The Old Testament story in the Book of Ezekiel talks about a giant fiery wheel that came down out of the sky. The story of Noah's ark suggests that not only animals but enough humans were lifted off the planet by a large space ship. There had to be enough humans on that ship to carry on not only enough genetic diversity, but maintain the human soul until the flooding of the planet was ended.


That we are products of alien DNA manipulation is a hard message to teach to a stupefied, religiously enslaved world. It is even harder to proclaim that it was Lucifer, the angel of light, who was our progenitor. The teachings all over the world proclaim Lucifer as an evil fallen angel who became the enemy of mankind known as Satan.


This story, of course, is a lie propagated by angelic energies that fight against the Luciferians and the human race.


The good news in the Australian story is that someone, somewhere, is starting to question the origin of religious binding on the human race. The concept of time travel is not new, but the thought that time travelers might have caused the formation of religious belief systems is a creative start. But there is much more to this story.


Until the people of the world wake up enough to shake off the shackles of religion and start learning to use the right hemisphere of those wonderful brains we were born with, we cannot turn ourselves away from doomsday. This, of course, is the apocalyptic nightmare that all men dread but cannot seem to stop themselves from rushing headlong into.