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The Tracks Of Alien Visitations


By James Donahue


Ever since Orson Wells pulled his radio presentation of "War of the Worlds" on the American public in the late 1930s, people have become familiar with the thought that we are not alone.


The controversial 1947 Roswell stories, thousands of UFO sightings, crop circles, stories of personal abductions by humanoid type creatures in flying ships, cattle mutilations and most recently, a report of another UFO crash along the Orinoco River at Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, have convinced most people around the world that aliens not only exist, but they are visiting Earth.


Ancient rock carvings and surviving art work from the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries depicting images of circular ships in the sky as well as figures of humanoids in space suits suggest that alien visitations have been going on for a very long time.


Skeptics, however, question why, if an alien race of intelligent beings are traveling hundreds of thousands of light years from distant stars to visit this planet so regularly, we don't have regular contact, or at least signs on our planet that they have left their footprints.


I believe they have been here, and they have clearly left their mark. The most significant proof of this lies in our own DNA. Psychic and advanced remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue goes so far as to say that Lucifer is an alien that manipulated the genetic structure of Earth primates and created the human race thousands of years ago. In effect, then, we are Lucifer's children.


Donahue also declares on his web site at and on this site that angels and demons are all aliens that co-habituate with us on this planet, they battle over the control of our minds, and they do it all mostly through advanced holographic projection through space and time.


The strange images of Big Foot, Nessie the Loc Ness monster, chupacabra, mothmen, giant flying creatures, unicorns and big cats appear to be holographic images that are either coming from those ships or distant space, Donahue believes.


These images are not only visible, but they are coming from machines so advanced, the images are solid. Thus the beast portrayed is potentially dangerous if we get in its way. But why are they being sent? Are they a last-ditch attempt by the aliens to wake up our bicameral brains or simply a joke on the human race?


My argument supporting alien visitation has been no more than conjecture at this point, however. While human DNA and visual images of lore that cannot be proven can be presented in theory, there also should be solid evidence, any good lawyer might say. And I believe there is. The world is filled with artifacts that seem to prove alien intervention.


The great stone monuments like the great pyramids of not only Egypt but the Middle East, China, South and Central America were either built by, or the result of alien contact with ancient civilizations.


There are places all over the world where tektites, or glassy formations in sand, are indications of powerful radioactive events that occurred in the ancient past. Throughout Central and Northeastern Scotland can be found ancient rock fortresses where the rock walls have been made so hot that the rocks melted into vitrified formations. Only advanced weapons like the ones we now have, or are trying to design, can generate that kind of heat.


There are other unexplained oddities in the world, like the amazing crystal skulls, the giant round balls of solid rock found in Costa Rica, the so-called Antikythera Mechanism, a twisted bronze artifact filled with cogwheels and other devices indicating that it may have been an ancient calculator.


Indeed, we have been down this road before. And the aliens have been with us all the time.


Their ships now fill the sky as we rapidly approach the end of our world as we once knew it. It is time to make contact and call on them for the help that most people on this planet still do not think we need.


It is that level of mass stupidity, or perhaps we should say denial, that is going to destroy everything and bring us into extinction.