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The Call For Chaos


Aaron C. Donahue has called for a collective prayer to evoke world chaos.


He is asking all who see this message to join together in a constant mantra, asking the universal powers to bring chaos. Send the energy in all directions; North, South, East and West.


To the fool, this appears to be a strange and illogical request, especially since the world already seems steeped with enough chaos to go around.


But Aaron, the magickian, knows exactly what he is doing.


"From Chaos is born our World Order," he writes. "Our function is now to remain quiet and unite in patterns of thought that only concern the evocation of chaos in all directions. We must do this quickly in order to initiate change."


One of the great mysteries of life is why opposites balance. Evil creates good. Darkness manifests light. Chaos brings order.


Indeed there is much chaos in the world. Nations are poised to do warfare against one another. Too many nations now possess nuclear capability, so if and when war breaks out, we will do well not to have it escalate to a global holocaust.


Aaron never calls for action without cause. He is a talented psychic and remote viewer who can see the future. If he sees a need to collectively call for chaos, all who hear this message should feel duty bound to heed the call.


The directive is to "Earth's children of Lucifer." Since we are all descendants of Lucifer, he thus sends the call to all humans to act collectively for our own welfare. Failure to do so will surely bring consequences that we do not want.


Aaron wrote that the "resonance of our Forgotten Father presents a calling from within his children. It is entwined, dormant, and now finds a hardened surface to be broken!"


Comparing us to the worm waiting within the cocoon for rebirth as the creatures we were meant to become, Aaron writes: "the chrysalis must be broken from without and not from within." He warns that "the desire to break out on your own is an error. . . Unite our thoughts now."


He explained: "Due to nonlinearities in human social behavior and other natural processes, the energetic field of an individual human brain can, in theory, influence these processes on a much larger scale. This strong dependence of outcomes on very slightly differing initial conditions is a hallmark of the mathematical behavior known as chaos."


If we can learn to "accept chaos," Donahue writes, "then you will be strangely free from it."


Thus our task is to "evoke chaos in every direction now in the form of a mantra. The results will be clearly seen but do not stir. Keep the mind quiet."


It is as if an excited mind, looking with glee upon the results of the work going on before us, will break the spell. It also weakens us within the chaotic conditions that surround us and we can easily fall prey to that which is of our own making.


Thus we become like stone statues, unmoving, showing no emotion to the rushing commotion, but our minds collectively working toward a common end. Donahue describes our state as Luciferian children: "Cold blood now runs through the veins of ancient statues in the dying garden, eyes drawn, we are still before the darkened waters that rush below."


We are ancient beings, now silent like statues. The Earth is the dying garden. The chaos is the darkened waters rushing at our feet.


"Our function is now to remain quiet and unite in patterns of thought that only concern the evocation of chaos in all directions. We must do this quickly in order to initiate change."