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Critic Confused About Luciferian Message


I peeked into Thomas Vincze's web site a few days ago and was surprised to find an all-out assault on our Luciferian declaration.


Steeped in American flag-waving patriotism, the site is laced with so much Christian dogma it appears that his angelic/religious programming has fogged his logic. The page is starting to look like something torn from one of the Sci-Fi and UFO thriller magazines I used to pick up in the shops of Sedona, Arizona.


Especially troubling to Vincze is what he sees as a conflict between my contemporary interpretation of Aleister Crowleys "Book of the Law," that proclaims "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law," and Aaron C. Donahue's recent call for a one-world government.


He asks: "how do we get from 'Do what thou wilt . . .' to supporting a one-world government global tyranny complete with mind-control and persecution of people who dont support the whole damnable thing, and subjecting them to slave-labor?"


Indeed, how would we get to that level? And where in my writings, or in Aaron's lectures have we ever suggested such a thing?


Vincze obviously confuses Lucifer with the old Christian lie that this powerful alien figure and the mythical Satan are one and the same. He argues that Lucifer is the great liar and deceiver. Thus a follower of Lucifer "would initially preach that doing whatever you want is the highest form of freedom," but then after getting a following, "hit you over the head by advocating a system where humanity will have absolutely no choice, no freedom they will be mind-controlled robots."


What Mr. Vincze does not see is that the Book of the Law was a document given to mankind a century ago. It portrays three parts of a warning; an image of Eden, or Earth as it was in the beginning and was always meant to be; a looming breakdown of Eden as seen perhaps by the LSD visions of the hippies in the 1960s when there was still time to do something about our problem; and finally a damnation of mankind and prediction of looming judgment because we did nothing and thus killed the Mother Earth.


Humans were never meant to be the slaves of the false religious systems they created for themselves. Instead, the design of Eden was for each man to evolve to a state of intellectual and mental godhood, a point where we were aware of the god that lived within us. The ultimate goal was for each of us to be like the stars in the universe, all doing our own will, moving freely through life, and not colliding with one another.


Critic Vincze misunderstood "Do what thou wilt" as a form of lawless existence that only an evil mind like that of a devil could conceive. And it is true, anyone living in the fear-based system established by Christianity, would shun that kind of freedom. After so much confinement, their first impulse might be to live without abandon. For the true Thelamites, as Crowley called his followers, freedom like this does not come without heavy personal responsibility. It takes mental giants to successfully live in a state of anarchy. For the rest, there is the strong arm of government.


And that is where Aaron's call for a one-world government comes to play. Since we have failed to evolve as planned by Lucifer, our progenitor, now we must face the final judgment as described in the Book of the Law.


The unabated polluting of our planet by the burning of fossil fuels for propelling vehicles, running our factories and heating our buildings, coupled with the stripping of the Earth's natural resources (including its oil reserves) and a foolish decision to overpopulate, has backed us into a corner. Our resources are dwindling. Humans, locked in a variety of different religious sects and all of them groping for the land, food, water and air that are depleted, are on the verge of global war.


In a recent radio message, Aaron predicted that government leaders, knowing that overpopulation of the planet is a severe problem, are on the verge of (1.) going to war as a way of killing off millions of people, and (2.) releasing a laboratory produced virus designed to kill off billions.


He said he does not believe we have to go this route to slow down the death of our planet. Rather, he believes a one-world government, with the people all subjected to a spiritualistic but communistic life style, is the better route. But it may not be the one we choose.


Whichever way we go, we must face the fact that the Earth is dying. There may no longer be anything we can do to stop that. The dramatic climate changes are already starting to happen. They are so noticeable that the Pentagon recently issued a warning about its effects on the world in the next few years. The effects threaten a new ice age that will sweep northern Europe and North America.


Aaron warns that human extinction looms. But it can be held off, perhaps as long as 300 years, if we go to a strong one-world government system. If we choose war, the end may arrive within our lifetime.


No deception here, Mr. Vancze. We are telling it like it is.


(Note - The Vancze site shut down shortly after this article was written. It hasn't been seen since.)