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Aaron Looks For Life On Mars


By James Donahue


With NASA's twin rovers snooping the surface of Mars, Americans have turned their attention once more toward space and thoughts of possible life on that red planet.


A rock fragment, identified as a Martian meteorite containing the fossilized remains of primitive life forms, stirred this interest in 1997.


It was at about that same time that Richard Hoagland's book and web site were promoting curious rock formations in the planet's Cydonia region that became the much celebrated "face on Mars." Also showing in pictures were rock formations Hoagland viewed as a nearby city, complete with a pyramid.


Every Mars mission since then seems to have sent pictures home that have sparked our thirst for more information. There are other strange rocks, wind-blown caverns exposing what appear to be the tops of artificial tubes, and even images of possible vegetation near the planet's ice caps.


Even the psychics and remote viewing community has gotten into the act in recent years. Stories have been told, mostly on Internet sites, of a great alien civilization that thrived on Mars until destroying the environment, much like we are doing on Earth. Some even believe the Martians escaped to Earth, and may be living among us.


All of this has obviously prompted NASA to launch its ambitious exploration project to determine if there is any sign that water or life ever existed on that now barren landscape. Even before all the facts are known, President George W. Bush announced an even more ambitious plan for sending men back to the Moon and eventually on to Mars.


The Bush space plan, obviously designed to beat the Chinese to the Moon and secure military superiority, might be more difficult than anyone thinks.


Success at establishing a space colony on Mars will require a source of water. It was theorized that if there was once primitive life on the planet, there had to have been water there then. Perhaps it still exists.


Aaron C. Donahue recently asked a team of PAN viewers to assist him in a careful examination of Mars. He said they have been looking closely at the shapes at Cydonia and other interesting formations that show up in NASA photographs.


He said to date that he has been unable to find any sign that an intelligent civilization ever lived on the planet, or on the moon.


"I find no evidence on the moon or on Mars that aliens were ever there. There are no buildings, there is no face, no pyramid. When I look at them they are mountains.


"I am not saying it (the evidence) doesnt exist. I am just saying that the places we are looking at are not showing signs that aliens were there," Donahue said.


He said the findings are as big a disappointment to him as he is sure they will be to everybody else. "I dont want to think it, but there is nothing there. I am not finding it," he said.


He said the realization that Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that has the capability of supporting life only makes the preservation of our environment more important than ever.


If we proceed on our present course and destroy our planet, we will have no easy way of escape. One chance would be to summon Lucifer and ask for extra-terrestrial help.


But with most humans locked into religious belief systems that have programmed them to fear Lucifer as the epitome of evil, Donahue believes that may not be an option.


He fears for the extinction of the human race.