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Elected In 2004

Aaron: Bush Will Be Elected


On Dec. 14 Aaron C. Donahue made a daring declaration. He proclaimed President George W. Bush to be the probable winner in the 2004 presidential election.


Aaron also states that the capture of Saddam Hussein will mark the beginning of the rush to extinction by the human race.


Aaron and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, worked together in drawing the remote viewed portrait of the next elected president following the 2004 elections. The drawing selected for Aarons site is posted there as well as on this site today. It is clearly the face of an aged looking George W. Bush.


Aaron writes that he is revealing what he calls a highly probable future concerning the national elections. "President George Bush will be re-elected for another term in 2004."


He adds that Mr. Bush "will age quickly throughout the years after 2004" but he will serve his full term in safety.


Those who scroll down on the page will find an addendum to Aarons message. It states:


"Recently I . . . forewarned that a series of events will inevitably lead us to extinction. The first involved the capture of Mabus (Saddam Hussein) and then, the fixed position of a world leader will ignite a global war of which the United States of America will fail to win."


"Sadly, the majority of you are not listening.

"The human being is now being programmed for extinction.

"As a psychic, I am watching you die," Aaron writes.


He says the future can still be changed but people in the United States must wake up and make some important alterations in the way they believe and the way they respond to the information that is being fed to them. Aaron didn't say it quite that way, however. He wrote:


"There are probable futures that can be changed although unless you know what they are, you will be left to the mercy of those forces involved with operating outside of normal awareness.

"As of 2004, you will be one step closer to annihilation and this will be the result of a false belief system corrupting the hearts and minds of millions of people in the United States of America.

"That world leader who ignites a global war does so simply because he represents the many who also believe in Armageddon."


In case the reader is in any way confused about the "concealed" meanings in Aaron's warning allow me to add my further interpretation.


George W. Bush is a Southern Baptist, professed "born-again Christian" who believes that a great world war foretold in the Bible as the Battle of Armageddon must occur before the Christian savior Jesus will drop down out of the sky and lift, or rapture Christian believers off into the clouds.


Because of this amazing belief there are a lot of Christians in the United States willing to support Mr. Bush's efforts, whether conscious or subconscious, to spark World War III. This man's election to a second and final term in office will assure this war.


Instead of a Christian rapture, the effect will instead bring war to our gates and a collapse of the United States as a nation and a world power. We will lose the war.


Because it will be a nuclear war, the Earth's ecology will not recover. Nuclear winter will speed up the total destruction of the human race. We will be extinct within the lifetime of many people living today.