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Tearing At The Reality Veil

Personal Thoughts About Reality


After publishing the text of the wonderful talk by writer Jim Keith, dealing with his own attempt at dealing with reality, I feel compelled to offer a few words of my own about this topic. 


Anyone who has experienced the effects of LSD, peyote, mescaline or any of the other so-called hallucinogenic drugs understands the concept of dual realities. It has been said that the drugs don't cause hallucinations, but, rather, allow the user to temporarily see through a veil that restricts his or her normal everyday view of the universe.  


If we accept the declaration of the Abba Father/Lucifer that all humans are gods because we possess the soul of the Mother Earth, then we can perhaps understand how it is possible for each of us to be creators of our own individual universes. What is reality for one person does not necessarily fit the description of reality for his neighbor.


Because we are social animals we sought ways to co-exist within a collective framework of these multiple universes. Thus we manufactured, over the years, what probably began as a mutual agreement among individuals as to similarities within the worlds of our making. After time these similarities became laws of physics, mathematics and chemistry. Also as cities, states and governments developed the laws governing our behavior toward one another grew more and more restrictive.


Add religion to this mix and suddenly blinders are attached to our heads. Our only view of our own wonderful universe is straight ahead. As writer Robert Anton Wilson described it, we are bound by the tunnel realities taught to us by the social groups within the place we are born and raised.


This is the veil that prevents us from even turning our heads and getting a broader view of the creation of our own making. The horror of this story is that we have forgotten our own identity. We no longer understand that we are gods. We have been duped into using a variety of schemes to prohibit our brains from developing beyond basic left-brain functioning.


Because we are bound by religious and socially manufactured laws to observe the world exactly as everybody else sees it, anyone that dares to break the mold and challenge these laws becomes an immediate outcast, heretic and fool.


Notice how society treated the brilliant Dr. Timothy Leary after he discovered not only the effect of LSD on the human mind, but began promoting the drug as a way of treating the mentally ill and even people prone to criminal behavior. Not only was Leary thrown in prison on trumped up drug charges, but LSD was declared such a dangerous drug it became almost a capital offense to possess, manufacture or sell it.


Yet it was LSD and the Hippie drug culture of the 1960s that opened the eyes of the world to the effects our way of life were having on our environment, the Mother Earth. During brief episodes of LSD awareness, many young people of that era became aware that the mother was sick, calling for help, and in danger of dying.


I believe that brief bright movement was mans last chance to wake up and discover himself before it was too late. But once the angelic controlled government successfully took the drug away and destroyed the hippie movement with a few carefully designed horror stories, including the much publicized trial of Charles Manson, we were quickly returned to the pack of sleeping zombies we have been for thousands of years. Manson, a strange would-be musician who lived in a commune with a gang that got involved in drugs, sex, murder and violence, became symbolic and representative of the total hippie drug culture. His highly public demise brought down the movement with a mighty crash.


Now come the psychics, the Indigo Children and a new generation of people that seem to be waking up or born awake to a new reality than the old ones were ever willing to accept.


Just when it seemed that all hope for this planet was lost, we discover an exciting new generation of young adults living among us. They are not just the Indigo Children, but something more. I believe that the veil is lifting and that anyone wishing to look beyond the prescribed tunnel realities of our society can get real glimpses of the universe as it was meant to be seen.


The ones daring to look are, of course, the youth. But there are older generation guys like my wife and I who also are daring to cast away our blinders and step boldly out into this exciting new reality


I believe the rash of child killings and child sexual assaults are a last-ditch effort by the angels to destroy the Indigo Children that seem to still be arriving by the thousands.


The battle to save this planet and rebuild Eden has only just begun.