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Jennifer L. Sharpe

Jennifer; Our Best Kept Secret


Aarons sister, Jennifer L. Sharpe, is a secret in hiding.


This has not been by design. It just worked out that way. But it will not last for much longer.


Anyone who heard the Oct. 5 Internet radio broadcast on Ghost Talk knows that Jennifer appeared that evening with Aaron. She was not only introduced as Aarons sister, but his partner in psychic, paranormal and PAN research.


Even though they live hundreds of miles apart, Jennifer works daily with Aaron, using her abilities to back up Aarons data before he makes his most dramatic and public presentations.


If you want to see an example of her work, check Aarons web site at, to into data, and click on the research they did together on either the dark spot on Jupiter or the future event at Yellowstone National Park. Not only does their research correlate, but Jennifers drawings can sometimes zero in on the subject with so much detail there is no doubt about what you are looking at.


Look again at the Jupiter drawing. She gives you so much detail of the man-made object that struck the planet, it is a relatively accurate showing of how the Galileo space probe appeared just before it was purposely plunged by NASA engineers into the planet in September, 2003.


What is so amazing about Jennifers drawings is that they are the result of telephone calls from Aaron, in which he gives her blind targets to examine. Those targets come to her only as abstract numeric codes, allowing her no clue as to what she is going to be looking at. Yet her drawings, from many miles away, support Aarons data.


Like Aaron, Jennifer was a student of Remote Viewing guru Maj. Ed Dames. She successfully completed (and paid his price) for the advanced class, but Dames refused to issue the certificate she earned, showing that she was a trained student in his class. Since this, she has received even further training from Aaron. Consequently, she knows many of his secrets for the Practical Acquisition of Non-Historical Data (PAN) that reaches beyond the old system of remote viewing.


They use PAN to accurately close in on future events, including numbers.


Like Aaron, Jennifer was born into a psychic family. Her personal psychic skills have increased as she gets older. She and Aaron, and other members of the family sometimes communicate telepathically.


Aaron relates to Jennifer as the other half of his team. He says she will be making more public appearances with him in the future. And after Aarons interview on Coast to Coast A.M., it looks like more appearances are just around the corner.


Oh, yes, Jennifer also serves as Aaron's webmaster when she has the time.


This is why Jennifers picture now appears on the front page of my web site, with Aaron's. You will be hearing more about her very soon.  

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