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Solar Deity Talking


The science community is expressing concern and amazement over the ferocity of a series of unexpected super explosions, or flares, occurring on the surface of the sun.


Within one 24-hour period there were three major flares, all of them classified as X-class, that hurled billions of tons of super hot gas into space. Some of this was directed at Earth. It has been causing colorful polar lights and disrupting radio transmission signals as the charged particles pass through our atmosphere.


Then on Nov. 4 the sun burped out a massive flare that was so large officials at the NOAA/NASA Space Weather Center said it went right off their charts. "My best guess would be between an X-25 and an X-30," said Dr. Ernest Hildner, center director.


Within 24 hours ionizing radiation caused a severe radio blackout that was noticed across North America. Most of that coronal mass was ejected harmlessly into space, and directed away from Earth.


The flares, or emissions of super-charged gasses from the sun, come from dark patches on the solar surface that we call sunspots. Scientists tell us sunspots are a symptom of fierce magnetic activity going on inside the star.


Ilya Usoskin, a geophysicist at the University of Oulu, Finland, told Scientific American that he has studied the solar activity over the past 1,150 years and discovered an increase in sunspots since the 1940s.


The Finland team used levels of a radioactive isotope preserved in ice cores taken from Geenland and Antarctica to calculate sunspot numbers dating back before the invention of the telescope.


The science community is in agreement that the solar activity this year is unusual, and that something is happening with our sun. But they dont know just what it is. Some are even suggesting that the changes are contributing to global warming.


I received an e-mail from a reader concerned about a prediction of a kill shot by one outspoken remote viewer. This woman wanted to know if the sun is getting prepared to send a large enough charge of energy to kill half of the population of the Earth.


Aaron C. Donahue says there will be no kill shot. But he does see a very angry sun that watches the eco-destructive activities of over six billion humans on this planet.


Donahue, a super psychic and a trained remote viewer who has advanced the technique into a skill he calls the acquisition and practical application of non-historical data (PAN), said he discovered that the Earth, Sun and all of the planets in our solar system are alive. They are communicating, he said. We are all part of a great information system.


It is Donahue's belief that the Earth and the Sun are looking at human activities on Earth and may be taking steps to eliminate us before we completely destroy the Garden that is our planet.


Like a great animal shaking the fleas from its back, the Earth can be expected to dole out some interesting disasters. Consider the effects of volcanism, earthquakes, fires, floods, melting ice caps and changing weather patterns. As resources dwindle, humans will be driven to even more warfare as we fight for the few remaining spoils. Water will be a key bone of contention.


The Sun won't burn us alive with one hot, searing flare. But it can do a lot of damage by burning a few degrees hotter and sending more ionizing radiation at the Earth. Now that we have destroyed our protective ozone layer, there is little to protect us from that kind of assault from space. 


The race seems to be on. Can we foolish humans succeed in destroying our planet and ourselves before the Earth and Sun get us? Which ever way it goes, the outcome seems clear. Unless something is changed immediately, we are headed for global extinction.


The solar flares might be interpreted as a warning. The gods are angry.