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Artist's Concept of Lucifer



Christians mistakenly believe Lucifer is the name of a fallen angel cast out of Heaven by God to become an evil red devil called Satan.


There is nothing in the historical record, or even in the Bible, to substantiate this story. For example, the name Lucifer is a Latin word that comes to us from the Roman astronomers. They referred to the planet Venus as the morning star because it appears in the sky just before dawn and heralds the rising sun.


The name Lucifer first appears in the King James Version, Fourteenth Chapter of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah. It reads: How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!"


The problem with that text is that it is Latin. A search of the original Hebrew text reveals that there is no reference to Lucifer or Satan in that same verse. It is a story about a fall of an ancient Babylonian king. Somebody, possibly a scribe or other angelically possessed religious scholar, took it upon himself to embellish the story.


The question: why would the angels go to such lengths to insert this story into the Bible text?


Aaron C. Donahues interpretation of early events, derived through a technique he calls the acquisition and practical application of non-historical data (PAN), suddenly makes sense.


Donahue believes Lucifer is a reference to an alien being, or civilization, that manipulated the genes of Earth primates to create humans. He says this manipulation began thousands of years ago and may have continued until quite recently.


Consequently, he says it is proper to consider Lucifer as the father of the human race, rather than the evil ruler of Hell as depicted by the church.


The purpose of this genetic experiment, by a race of high-tech and ultra intelligent creatures from another planet and perhaps even another dimension, was to create a third-dimensional information system. All humans are information gatherers. We are like individual electrical transmission towers, sending brain signals of everything we see and learn into a common matrix of data known as the collective consciousness.


Our purpose, Donahue believes, is to give the Universe, or the great energy system we call God, a tool through which it can see and understand itself. It looks at itself through our eyes, he said.


There is a conflict, however.


For some unexplained reason, a number of alien races that share our universe do not agree with the Luciferian experiment on Earth. These beings, the ones we refer to as angels, have been at war with the pro-Lucifer group, or demons, ever since this experiment began.


There is a suggestion that the human brain has the potential of evolving into a force with the power to overwhelm the visiting alien races. This might explain why the angelic influence has gone to such lengths to prevent humans from evolving to their full potential. Most humans still do not use more than a fraction of their bi-cameral brains after thousands of years of development.


Instead of becoming the wonderful creatures we were meant to be, we have chosen to bow down to angelic created religious systems and worship false god figures that are really angels in disguise.


The humans also have chosen to plunder their planet for material wealth, and they have failed to tend to the garden, or their Mother Earth. Consequently the Earth is dying and the human race is doomed to extinction, Donahue warns.


He teaches that the only hope for mankind is to call upon Lucifer to rise again and to help save a remnant of the race so that Eden can be started again.


"We need his technology. We have to make contact. It is our only chance because the Earth is going down in flames," Donahue said in a recent radio interview.


Donahue is calling upon the youth of the world to help by raising their resonance and collectively calling upon Lucifer.


"We are going to have to reach up like monkeys and use all of the resources we have to reach Lucifer. We must reach out now. It is going to be a psychological and spiritual evolution that humans must do," he said.


He said he believes Lucifer can be brought to Earth within the next seven years.


"I see him landing in one craft with many others waiting just behind the veil," Donahue said. "Once this entity makes contact, we will know it as our creator."


He said the event will be televised and witnessed by millions.


Humans will not understand Lucifer at first, and worship him as a god. But he is not a god. He represents an advanced civilization that first created us, through DNA manipulation, and later is being asked to help us escape the fires of our own folly.