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Demons and Angels
My stories about personal battles with the bat or owl-shaped beings that I identified as angels, and the remote viewed drawings of the major demons by Aaron C. Donahue in 1992 have left some readers confused.
I receive letters that ask how to tell the difference. Others want to go about killing angels and ask how to do this, or how to identify angels from demons. Yet others are confused as to which ones are "good" and which are "bad." They want to know how Lucifer fits into all of this.
While I don't pretend to be an expert on the affairs of life forms that occupy the astral, I am going to attempt in this brief essay to answer these questions based upon the information that I have.
During my experiments with leaving the body I encountered strange alien beings that I described as tall, skinny bat-like creatures that sometimes surrounded me and hung around in our home. They were especially thick when my wife, Doris, was attempting to evoke her personal contacts, Aiwass, Adoni and Michael. Their presence hindered her work, affected her data and put strange thoughts, sometimes Christian hymns, in our heads. I concluded that they were angels and that they had to go. After I began mentally attacking them and driving them off, they started fighting back. One day I came home to find Doris lying ill on the couch. She was surrounded by hundreds of these creatures. I went on a killing spree, drove them out of the home, and within minutes, Doris was feeling better. She was well within the hour.
The life forms in the astral don't always take the shape of tall skinny bats. At times I found them to be small, odd shaped little globs of energy that seem to scamper across the floor on tiny legs, or no legs at all. Once when there was some kind of esoteric interference and we were overwhelmed with depression, I discovered our home filled with a dark mass of energy that resembled a mighty cloud. It surrounded and overwhelmed us. I used Robert Monroe's personal energy balloon to push it away from me, then slowly push it out of the house.
When Aaron moved into his haunted old Masonic temple and began using one of its spooky upper rooms to evoke all 72 of the Goetia Spirits, I started learning some interesting things about the spirit world around us.
As Aaron evoked each demon, it came to him for a personal portrait by pen and ink. He carefully drew each one of them as they chose to appear to the world.  Aaron then used his web site, and this one, via the Internet, to introduce each spirit, with its sigil. All it took was about 100 people looking at his pictures to put the images permanently in the collective consciousness. Because it is the Internet, thousands looked. Once this happened, these amazing spirits were set free for the first time in thousands of years.
Visit Aaron's web site at or click on the Goetic Spirits link in this web site to see his drawings and read more about each of these interesting spirits.
The Goetia Spirits, or demons as the church would identify them, were bound by King Solomon some 4000 years ago and have not been free to roam, except for private evocations, ever since. They were chosen by Solomon to help him do his magick because they were among the most powerful of the demonic forces.  All are high ranking kings, princes, dukes and presidents. All of them govern "legions" of lesser spirits, or demons. A legion, if you check your dictionary, is an untold but great number. Therefore, a single legion may include hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers, all following this particular leader.
The binding of these powerful spirits was an evil act by a Hebrew King. After using them to gain his own great wealth and power, Solomon used his skill as a magickian to seal these spirits. This upset a spiritual balance between the so-called demonic forces and the angelic forces. I believe it was because of this act that the angels overpowered the minds of humans and enslaved them through false religious belief systems.
If you examine the drawings of the Goetia Spirits, you will find them to be uniquely different in appearance from one another. While many of them look like the well-known visitors we call Grays, others seem to take on forms of serpents, wild beasts, animal and even human shapes. Most of the drawings depicted ships, or space-craft, hovering in the sky over the heads of these beings. This suggested strongly that they are, indeed, visiting aliens from other parts of our universe. Aaron even discovered that some were making holographic projections of images rather than reveal what they personally looked like.
The point to Aaron's evoking the Goetia Spirits was simple. While the spirits are not necessarily friends of mankind, they are enemies of the angelic forces that were, before this, in total control of this planet. The demons are angry because the angels have been very busy using humans, like faithful robots, to destroy this planet and consequently destroy the human race.
Now the tables are turned. There is open warfare raging all around us. There is no need for humans to have to fight off the angels because the demons are doing it for us. Since the demon in the room might look very much like an angel, it is best to not try to destroy either of them lest you accidentally destroy one of the good guys.
After all, demons are no different from angels. They are described as "fallen" in the Christian Bible but that is because they supported Lucifer's work in manipulating the DNA of primates to create the human race on this planet. The angels are spitirual forces that opposed Lucifer. They have been locked in battle ever since it happened.
There are about two billion demons now unleashed on this planet. There is about an equal number of human bodies walking around on this planet that lack souls. These bodies are perfect vessels for the demons to occupy. The people without souls are being possessed by the roving demons even as I write these words. It is like a silent kind of virus, sneaking up on the world.
You are already seeing the effects of the demons. Some are specialists in fire, and the world has been experiencing lots of fire of late. Others destroy the monetary system. Notice how the stock markets around the world are plunging. Others cause aircraft and ships to sink in the sea. Still others bring war.
Notice the strange news events of late. The man who "accidentally" drove his car into a crowed of people in an open shopping mall. The ferry boat captain who drove his ship at full speed into the New York dock. The women who get up in the night and kill their entire families for no known reason. That is real demonic possession.
Whey would they do such things? As I stated, the demons don't like humans. They see us as bungling fools that were manipulated by the angelic forces to put ourselves and our planet in great peril. Their objective is to save the planet.
Once the demons have human bodies and learn how to use them, they will be walking among us, and we will not know who they are. They could be people in public office, on your job, in your police department, or your church. Bael might be working on the assembly line or the desk right next to you tomorrow.
They are like a secret army, getting ready to do battle to save this planet. The Christians, the Jews, the Moslems, Hindus and Buddhists should be worried. The religious systems that have controlled them for so many thousands of years are about to crumble from within. The work has already started.