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I Think I Know Why Airplanes
Are Falling Out of the Sky

The crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 and the death of 217 passengers was part of a string of unexplained mysteries linked to airplane disasters.

That Flight 990 should fall in about the same area that TWA's Flight 800 
occurred on Aug. 17, 1996, and John Kennedy Jr's private plane went down only a few months ago, may be more than a coincidence.

I have reason to believe this crash and the loss of the Lear Jet carrying famed golf pro Payne Stewart 
also may be linked.

Since Flight 800, I have noticed that we have had more and more aircraft, whether commercial, private or military, that have been crashing for no explained reason. In many of these cases, there was no radio report of trouble. It is as if the planes "turn off" in mid-flight and leave their pilots and passengers scrambling in the dark as they fall to the ground.

That there remains an air of mystery about the causes of these recent tragedies has naturally led to a variety of theories, including talk of terrorism.

There is another theory about this. It isn't mine, but after hearing it presented by a scholar who understands such things, it sounded so plausible, I am passing it on. The evidence shows that something extraordinary is causing these fine, state-of-the-art "solid state" machines to shut down in mid-flight. Just suppose energy spikes generated by a massive electrical charge, either from the sun or the Earth, are hitting them.

Before writing this theory off as the babblings of an old fool, consider this. Ever since Nikola Tesla invented alternating current and made transmission of electric energy down a copper wire possible, the world has developed a growing appetite for power. The population of the world was an estimated 2 to 2.5 billion people in Tesla's time during the first half of the century. Now it has exploded to a whopping 6 billion people and that number is billowing out expeditiously.

As our numbers grow, so does our demand for housing. Except in the undeveloped countries, every new house has electric power connected to it. Every new business and every new factory operates on electrical energy. Every time a new building is charged with electricity, there is a wired metal rod driven into the ground somewhere near the foundation. This rod creates a "ground" to the Earth, thus completing the electrical circuit.

We tend to think of these grounding rods as a silent, non-working part of the electrical circuit. We can touch them without getting a shock. It is there in case of an electrical short, or a bolt of lightning. Its purpose is to lead the destructive force of the energy away from the house and into the ground.

I don't understand the science behind this, but some people say that the grounding rod always carries a small but constant charge of energy into the ground. I suppose it is similar to the charge running down a telephone wire. It is such a small emission it probably cannot be measured. Only when there is a problem does the discharge down that rod reach measurable proportions.

The point to this is that collectively, all of the grounding rods from all of the houses, apartment buildings, businesses and factories in the world are charging the planet with electrical energy. And as thousands of new buildings go "on line" every day, the energy input is rising.

In case you don't know it, everything in the world has an electrical frequency. Our brains 
are pure electrical energy. The Earth also has an electrical charge. If you don't believe this, think of the positive and negative charges at the poles. The planet operates like a giant magnet. That is why a compass always points north when you are standing somewhere in the north hemisphere.

I am told the normal base frequency for the Earth was somewhere between 7.3 and 7.4 hertz. A hertz is a means of measuring electrical energy. The way it was explained to me is that because of all the grounding rods sending electrical charges into the Earth, the base frequency of the planet has been slowly climbing. When it gets high enough the Earth will no longer work as a suitable ground, and that day is not very far off. When this happens we will not be able to transmit electric power down a wire from the generating plant to our homes. Tesla's alternating current won't work any more and we will have to find another energy source. Don't ask me to explain this.

My point is that the Earth is a large capacitor that is slowly becoming over-charged. The energy is building to a point where it is starting to spill over, or shoot back out into space. If you think of this capacitor as a large balloon being filled to its capacity with air, you can understand that eventually the balloon is going to break at its weakest point, and the air will shoot out with a violent explosive force. Since the build-up is electrical energy, the excess energy may be spewing out in invisible streams, or spikes. The theory is that such a spike seems to exist somewhere over our eastern seaboard, just off Nantucket Island.

There is another energy event going on just now that also seems to be having an effect on this planet, on our health, and our weather. It is called Cycle 23 of the Sun. The Sun is burning hotter, generating great solar storms, and emitting massive X-rays that are slamming into the Earth almost daily. Because our destructive ways have destroyed much of the Earth's protective ozone layer, these rays are blasting us at very dangerous levels. There is a possibility that they also may be involved in what is happening to our aircraft.

The airplane is a large metal object, flying at a high speed through the sky. It is not grounded, but because it is racing through the atmosphere, it is building
static energy around its body.

The theory is that these planes, when they accidentally fly through certain growing energy spikes over our electrically charged planet, are acting as some kind of catalyst for a massive discharge of power. It comes out of the Earth and flows into space in a fraction of an instant, sometimes creating a blinding flash of light. In effect, it may even be a bolt of lightning minus the storm.

Think what a power surge like that could do to a solid state aircraft like the Boeing 767 carrying passengers for EgyptAir. Everything about that aircraft was electronic. If an super electrical surge passed through it, frying all of the wiring and shutting down the engines, radios, and lights, the plane could not be saved. It would, indeed, fall helplessly out of the sky until it splattered into pieces in the sea below.

This theory would explain why witnesses claim they saw a flash of light come from the water the night TWA Flight 800 fell, and why some people believe that plane was either purposefully or accidentally shot down by a terrorist or one of our own warships. An electrical charge like that could have caused the fuel tank to explode. Faulty wiring may not have been to blame at all.

Flight 990 came down in fog so nobody has yet come forward to report seeing a flash. There might have been one. Christopher Ruddy, editor of, an internet newspaper, reports being on another aircraft in the vicinity the night Flight 990 went down. He said he had a private radio and intercepted a strange transmission from what he believed to be U. S. Air Traffic controllers instructing all aircraft to avoid that area because "someone is firing rockets."

My theory could explain why the Kennedy plane crashed without so much as a single radio distress call.

And it could explain why two skilled pilots in Stewart's Lear Jet never sent a distress signal, but allowed that aircraft to fly out-of-control until it ran out of fuel and fell into a South Dakota pasture. A flare might have killed them, or their controls and radio equipment were knocked out of commission and all the people in that aircraft could do was wait for the inevitable. We probably will never know what happened.

If my theory is correct, we can expect more disasters like Flight 800 and Flight 990. They are going to be occurring more and more frequently. The terrible thing about this is that if I am right, then we all are going to have to start thinking of alternative methods of travel. Flying may already be too dangerous.

The problem, then, could be linked to overpopulation.

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