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The Ghost Of Mrs. Corbishley
I have written about the hauntings of two former Michigan homes but our contact with ghosts and other beings from the spirit world didn't stop there. They are around us all of the time.
I think that is because my family is now aware of their existence. The spirits on the other side of the veil have always been there. Most people ignore their influence, their signs and their tricks because they are programmed since childhood to believe they do not exist.
(I find it odd that Christians cannot accept the existence of ghosts, but they bow down and worship angels because they are programmed to believe the angelic spirits are messengers from a risen Jesus.)
My wife, Doris, and I, have been living in a haunted apartment for a few years now. I don't think former renters realized they were sharing the place with a ghost because this lady is very quiet and reserved. But for a while, she lived here with us.
I first became aware of her when working alone at my computer which is located along one wall of our living room. At our request our landlord removed a dank old carpet to reveal beautiful hardwood floors that we enjoy. But certain boards creak when we walk on them and it is difficult for even our cat to move about without discovery. This applies to our ghost. The boards creak on occasion when nothing visible is in the room.
When I mentioned my suspicions one day to Doris, she said she also sensed a spirit living with us. We decided to do some experiments and see if we could make contact.
Doris, who is a sensitive, moved about the rooms until she said she thought she could feel a presence along one wall, near the archway leading between the living room and dining room. I got out my digital camera and shot a few random pictures of the area.
The pictures produced a bright glowing spot that did not belong. It appeared in two of the pictures, but then was gone in the others. Our ghost apparently objected to being photographed and moved away.
Doris, who also can talk to the dead, learned that our occupant was a woman who had been in the apartment for quite a few years. She was lonely and seemed to like our company. She made it clear that she did not like the previous renters because they were messy. She liked everything clean and orderly.
A few days after that, our landlord, Charles Corbishley, stopped by to sneak a cookie or piece of pie from Doris's kitchen. He is diabetic so doesn't get many treats at home. When we told him about our ghost a strange look came over his face. He wanted to know more. I asked if anybody ever died in the apartment.
Corbishley then revealed that our apartment, the best in the building, was once the home of his mother. He said she used to sit in a chair at the very place we photographed her light, looking out of the window. He said she was found dead in that chair by someone in the family who came to check on her wellbeing.
I think Mr. Corbishley was shocked by our story. He never talked about his mother and until that day. Corbishley, who is occasionally observed hustling across the parking lot to attend services at a nearby Presbyterian Church, is obviously programmed not to believe in ghosts. But we had too much information that fit his mother like a glove.
For a while Corbishley came frequently to visit. Sometimes he had no reason. I think he just wanted to be near his mother.
Our son, Aaron, came to visit a few months after that. I believe he encountered Mrs. Corbishley and took her on into the light. We have not felt her presence since his visit.
Ghosts are everywhere. I think a lot of people die and don't know it, so they hang around.
In a way I miss Mrs. Corbishley. She was a kindly ghost who kept order to things on the spirit level. Now that she is gone the apartment is visited by other entities from time to time that have to be removed. We always know they are around because they spook the cat.