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Demon Choronzon And Christians Have Something In Common
When a World Prayer Team network recently sent out a call for a world moment of Christian prayer in support of President Bush and the planned war against Iraq, I was shocked at the time set for this event.
The prayer was set for 3 p.m. on March 3, 2003. The Christians chose to pray at 3-3-03.
My surprise was centered on my knowledge of esoteric matters. I recognized the number 333 as an occult symbol for Choronzon, a dreaded demon of chaos.
Also known as Lord of Hallucinations, Choronzon is probably among the most feared of the demonic spirits. It is a spirit of dissolution. Everything it comes in contact with falls into decay. Living beings age and sicken. The demon is said to create confusion of thought and turn people insane.
A few years ago, my wife and I lived for a while in Springerville, Arizona. We took an apartment that had an address of 333 on our block. We laughed about moving into Choronzon's pit when we took that apartment. Then, when we got our telephone and discovered that the three-digit area code number also was 333, we began to worry.
Springerville turned out to be a frustrating experience in our lives. Before we left that place, we began to think we were really under the influence of Choronzon. I am happy to say, however, that we eventually escaped.
The question then, was why did someone in the Christian hierarchy choose 333 as a time to launch a world prayer event? While I am not a member of that faith, nor do I prescribe to the precepts to which that bunch prayed for, I felt they were foolishly flirting with disaster. While I do not follow the Christian belief system, I certainly believe in the reality of angelic and demonic powers. And I believe there is a very good chance that Choronzon is a real entity and that he might have responded to those numbers.
I found the answer to my question on an Internet web site by the New Covenant Church of God titled: "333" The author of this interesting little essay is unknown.
According to this writer, the number three represents Divine Perfection. It is the number of the Godhead, which is a Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) and represents dimensions of substance (length, breadth and height).
The writer also argues that added together, the threes become 9, which "biblically is the number of Judgment. As Theocracy is very much a part of judgment, this is an appropriate number for the church." The story said.
The goofy logic continues. The three ancient names for God were Yahweh, Yahshua and Hochma. The priesthood orders in the church include apostles, elders and deacons. The three presiding apostles in the New Testament Church were Peter, James and John. Noah had three sons. The list of threes goes on and on.
Somehow it strikes me as humorous that Christians would claim for themselves the ancient number associated with one of the most dangerous of the demonic spirits. I sense that Choronzon also sees the joke in it.
The dark side to this story is that the Christians were praying that day for America's success in the Bush attack on Iraq. Many of us, even in America, oppose this action. At stake here is an army of fine young men, sent by a crazed president into harms way. I now must fear for their safety more than ever.