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Defeated By Technology

Before DNA did Aliens Send Cyborgs To Earth?
Recent DNA research from scientists in Europe have indicated that there is a distinct difference between modern man and early Neanderthals that roamed the Earth in the distant past.
In other words, science has shown that the Neanderthals, while hominid in appearance, were not our ancestors. We evolved from the Cro-Magnons, a species of hominid that existed at the same time in history, evolved more quickly than Neanderthal, and apparently avoided all social contact, included sexual cross breeding.
While I can't find support for the article, a story that appeared last year in the Russian Internet Pravda indicated that the Cro-Magnons not only shunned the Neanderthals, they may have hunted them down about 40,000 years ago and killed them to extinction.
The Cro-Magnons came on the scene with cunning, better weapons, and a war engine that made them the superior humanoid race. The fighting may have been severe, the Pravda story said, "as the mass burial places of Neanderthal men with broken sculls and other injuries prove."
Here is the interesting twist to the Russian account.
It seems that while the Americans were going gaga over the discovery of a 500-year-old frozen mummified body discovered in the Canadian Tundra, the Russians were studying another more interesting frozen mummified body found in a mountainous area in Central Mongolia in 1995.
The Russians say they believe this body, filled with artificial mechanical body parts, is believed to be an ancient cyborg that may have either been sent here from another world or was an engineered version of an native animal of Earth.
The Pravda story said this strange mummy had long, red shoulder-length hair and massive tattooed forearms. An autopsy revealed that some of the internal organs and even parts of the brain were made of artificial materials.
"Scientists Justin Manners (the USA) and Kent Jennings (England) studied the mummy; they say that the surgical manipulation performed . . . was designed . . . to create a perfect cyborg, which could carry out observations and collect data," the story said.
"The scientists say that during its life, the mummy could have been a cyborg, a creature made by a combination of features of a robot and a hominoid."
The writer of the Pravda story, who is unnamed, suggests that the cyborg may have been planted on the Earth by an alien race to study our world and report back.
"If we rely upon many statements and the evidence of UFOs or extraterrestrial visits to Earth, we can consider our planet as a space colony. And different space centers are very active here," the story said.
"They send their robots, cyborgs, and hominids to the Earth to collect information and materials, to perform experiments on human beings, including even complex surgical operations. In many cases, these operations resulted in mutilations later treated as abnormalities by pathologoanatomists and archeologists. The experiments were evidently performed with a view to create new cloned creatures."
While I have been unable to substantiate the claim that a cyborg was actually found in the Mongolian ice, the idea is an interesting one.
That Cro-Magnons suddenly emerged to overpower the slower evolving Neanderthals, that the Cro-Magnons apparently shared a severe class system that excluded the Neanderthals from social contact, thus excluding any chance of crossing DNA, supports the theory of alien intervention.
The Cro-Magnons, the predecessors of modern Homo sapiens, may have been part of alien DNA experimentation that continued on this planet over thousands of years. Why then should we exclude the use of cyborgs, or hominid type machines, working as observers on this space station?
Since humans rarely experience face-to-face contact with the alien races that frequently fly our skies, it may just be that these beings cannot tolerate our three-dimensional existence, our atmosphere, or our density. Thus they send robots, cyborgs and DNA altered hominids to do the work.