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Evolution Through Empedment

The Philosophy Of Hardship
"The purpose of Lucifer is to impede the path of man to the extent that his bicameral mind is unified."  --Aaron C. Donahue
In our years of living and working with our son Aaron, we noticed a peculiarity about the way things are done. He invariably takes the most difficult route that one can imagine.
Case in point: Aaron decided to move out of a house where he had been working for about a year. The move was orchestrated one evening in the midst of a hard cold rainstorm. Everyone in the family was summoned from their evening jobs and asked to participate in the move. It was a hard, all-night task.

In terms of logic, Aaron's decision to move on that particular day, at that particular time, did not make sense. And yet I have learned that Aaron has more order to his life than one might suppose. That one simple quote, taken from comments he wrote about Lucifer on his web site, at, recently led me down a path of deeper understanding that I hope to pass on to anyone who will listen.

Readers of this column know that Aaron C. Donahue is a gifted psychic, magickian and highly trained remote viewer who rates among the best, if not the best in the world. During our years with Aaron, following is basic training with Major Edward Dames, Aaron drove himself in a personal quest to master the challenge of seeing future numbers.
When he was in training, Aaron was told that the possibility of seeing lottery numbers before they were drawn was an impossible objective. It took him five years to prove it could be done, however.

We were with Aaron for much of that time. The work involved intense mental concentration and Aaron worked against man-made and spiritual driven forces that created obstacles at every turn. When remote viewing for numbers Aaron reached such a high state of sensitivity that the slightest sound, smell or thought created by the people around him affected his data. He often said that the only perfect environment for the kind of work he was doing was in a dark silent room surrounded by lead and/or copper lining.

In spite of sirens, burning rubbish, power lawn mowers, leaking fuel tanks, passing boom boxes, barking dogs and a variety of other noisy and smelly events too numerous to mention, Aaron slowly developed mental skills that allowed him to get lottery numbers before they were drawn. He once found a discarded combination padlock and had it opened in minutes.

Thus through Aaron's personal life experiences we can find a solution to the problem behind his statement: "The purpose of Lucifer is to impede the path of man to the extent that his bicameral mind is unified."

That Lucifer is regarded as the enemy and the great tempter of man, seems to have a significant meaning behind all of this. Aaron seems to be saying that the people who impeded his thought processes during his quest for numbers were put there by Lucifer for a specific purpose.

That he was forced to struggle, but did not give up, had an unexpected effect on Aaron's mental capacity. It not only opened the right half of his bicameral brain it forced him to use it.

Thus it is Aaron's theory that mankind cannot advance to a higher mental state without a determination to overcome the constant roadblocks being put there by a world filled with "possessed" people. But are the agitators to be identified as Lucifer and the demonic forces working under him? Are the masses so asleep they can be possessed at will by outside forces?
I suspect that it was for this reason that Aaron unleashed the major demons (the 72 Goetia spirits captured by King Solomon). That these high ranking spirits, all of them masters of legions of soldiers, were returned to service, apparently grants Lucifer all power. The demons are waging war against the angelic forces that supported the religious enslavement of humans. As a last-ditch move, the angelic force, under the various banners of established religion, attempts to lead the world to apocalyptic genocide.

Thus we mortals are given the task of choice. Do we believe the religious zealots who have demonstrated their intentions through years of disguised treachery, or do we consider the thought that the great named enemy of man, the fallen angel Lucifer, has been on our side all along?  Is the Christian story about Lucifer's role in this great human drama just another in a string of lies?

There is an interesting verse in Crowley's Book of the Law. It reads: "Love is the law, love under will. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well!"

The day will soon come when the invitation will be open to all to follow Lucifer in an escape from this dying planet on an alien ship. Unlike the Christian "Jesusmobile," that is supposed to lift God's chosen into the clouds, I expect this ship will be imposing and frightening to look upon. Only the fearless will dare to enter. At its door will stand the great serpent, inviting you in.

Chose ye well.