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Luciferian Escape

Why Aliens May Save A Human Remnant
The great experiment that was the human race on Planet Earth has obviously failed, not only once, but many times since it began thousands of years ago. If the Hopi story is correct, we are presently living in our fourth world.
There recently was private alien contact; not with government leaders who are showing all signs of madness as they prepare for global nuclear warfare, but with the world's most skilled psychic/remote viewing team. They are our son Aaron C. Donahue and Maj. Edward Dames.
Donahue believes the fact that an alien made the contact is a sign that an effort may be made to once more salvage a remnant of our kind from the total annihilation that looms.
Dames and Donahue say the Earth's already sick ecology will not survive a global nuclear war. When the planet dies, all life here also dies.
Donahue believes the alien that presented itself to him may be Luciferian. That is, it was either Lucifer or it came from a race of beings that is Luciferian in origin.
He also believes Lucifer is the progenitor of the human race. The work involved the planting of alien DNA within the body of a male animal, possibly a type of ape, that roamed the planet. Within three generations the first thinking human came into existence. His name was Adam.
Adam's first wife was an ape named Lillith. Donahue said DNA is taken from bone marrow, which explains the ancient Bible story of how Eve, the first woman, was created from Adam's rib. She was the creation of further DNA manipulation.
Lucifer's work may have been considered a rebellion against the order of the universe. This would explain why the Bible story, from the point of view of "religious" scholars, considers Lucifer a fallen angel; one that rebelled against God. A thinking human with a large bicameral brain on a planet within a third dimensional universe was truly unique as I will explain.
Other than the possibility that Lucifer and his kind may consider themselves our parents, what reason would there have been for saving a remnant of us? We seem to have proved our inability to (a.) develop our amazing bicameral brains to their full capability, and (b.) live collectively on this planet without destroying it and ourselves. Why not just write the experiment off as a complete failure and turn their backs on us?
The reason, Donahue believes, is that because of our density, the humans do something that no other race of beings in the universe can. We are information collectors. Our brains, all working together, create a collective consciousness from which all life can find information.
More than this, the Planet Earth is a sentient being that seems to work as a warehouse for the soul. Donahue believes there is only one soul that is shared by all humans. If the planet dies, the soul will go with it.
Donahue says he has been aware of a spiritual war that has been raging in the astral for some time, and the disagreement seems to be centered on what is to be done with the humans. Life forms in fourth, fifth, sixth or other more complex dimensions fear us for the power we are capable of generating if we ever get the two halves of our brains working the way they were meant to be. We would become like gods, with the ability to create or destroy other life forms and possibly entire universes with mere thought.
No surprise then that Lucifer has many enemies.
No surprise then that other aliens seem to have penetrated our world, planted DNA of their own, and created humanoid slaves, religious belief systems, and other devices designed to enslave the human race and prevent us from accomplishing our full potential.
No surprise then that Lucifer has been displayed through religious belief systems as the enemy of man. We picture him as Satan, the red horned liar who will lead us into a fiery pit called Hell if we don't resist his temptations.
That temptation may really be to follow him into a time capsule as the world goes into self destruct.
And therein lies the genius of Lucifer. He apparently has allowed the fear-based religious system to exist and grow on our planet as a way of rooting out the weak minded. He wants only the fearless to follow him into the next world.
Anyone who fails to face Lucifer and walk into his domain will perish.  The Hopi call the being Spider Woman and see its domain as a web.
There will be room for about 200,000 humans to go into the next world and start over.  Donahue says he believes only about 144,000 will actually take the ride.