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Evoking The
Spirits Of Goetia

It is common knowledge that demons are supposed to be fallen angels.
What is not known is that the reason the demons are "fallen," or separated from the angelic spirits on Earth, is because there has been a difference of opinion between the two groups over the decision by Lucifer to create humans on the Earth. There has been a spiritual war going on between the angels and demons for thousands of years.
The angels, who have gained control through the creation of enslaving religious systems, are leading mankind down a path of self-destruction. Under their direction we overpopulated, produced carbon-fueled engines that pollute the air, mined the planet's wealth, slashed all of the oxygen producing forests and within about 200 years destroyed the Earth's ecology.
In the meantime, a group of 72 very powerful demons, the kings and leaders of hordes of spiritual forces, have remained bound through the magick of Solomon. Or so the story is told. The fact is that humans have shut the demons out because of their massive acceptance of religions. Consequently these spiritual forces have lacked the power to grant a spiritual balance in the heavens. As a result, the entire planet is out of balance.
This is going to change.
Contemporary magickian and highly skilled remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue has been busy setting all 72 demons free.
As each of the Goetia spirits was evoked, its image, as viewed by Donahue, and its sigil, was posted along with a few remarks on Donahue's web page, at It was a long process that continued for weeks. Even as each demon was released, we noticed subtle changes going on in the world. They were busy changing things, hopefully to give the human race a fighting chance at survival.
If you read the descriptions of each of the demons, as I have posted the researched stories about them on my own web site, you will find that, even though they fight to save the planet, demons are not necessarily nice guys. Some openly despise the human race; probably because they consider us backward, ignorant and because we were such terrible stewards, they think we are unworthy to remain here.
Many of them cleverly used their "portrait," as drawn by Aaron in the remote viewing session, to send messages. Notice that those spirits known by the ancients to take on human form, portrayed themselves to Aaron as skeletons. In this subtle way they are telling us that the human race is already dead because we have destroyed the planet's environment. If we don't change our ways immediately, it is just a matter of time before all life will come to an end on Earth. Some scientists believe it is already too late.
Other demons, especially the kings, are known warriors. When released, they easily generate warfare between countries. For now, the war is going on beyond the veil, where angelic forces are still attempting to stop the demonic influence. This is why we see potential earth shattering events loom and then die down overnight.
All 72 Goetia Spirits have very special talents. That is why Solomon chose them. When working together, they are a powerful force.
The demons, like the angels, were never meant to control humans. Both the angels and demons were supposed to work to impede the path of man so that we would evolve. That we allowed the angels to take over and then manipulate our destiny for so long is incomprehensible.
We have the potential to be gods in comparison to these spirits. They were always here to serve us. Once fully evolved as we were meant to be, we would have the capability of destroying the angels by mere thought. That some religious groups actually bow down to angels is very bad.
The news is that the demonic forces, commanding legions and legions of lesser demons, are now loose in the world. Their primary target is the angels. The secondary target is the human population problem. Expect the planet to reek soon with the stench of decaying human flesh.
This is harsh. But we allowed this problem to go on too long without ceasing. If we expect to save even a remnant of the human race, the cure must be extreme, and it must happen quickly.
As you look at the drawings of the demonic spirits you will find that they all seem to look quite different from each other. This is because they are aliens. And remember that the angels that surround us look as peculiar, and as varied, as the demons. They also are aliens and do not belong on this planet.
There is some irony in what is going on this year with the demons.
They were evoked by Aaron, whom they recognize as the first high priest of the new order. Aaron has the same name as the first great priest of the Old Testament, who was said to be the only one allowed to enter the Holy of Holys in the Hebrew temple. The contemporary Aaron is not Jewish. In a sense, he is living proof that the Jewish claim to be God's "chosen people" has always been a lie. Their DNA is flawed.
Another irony is that Aaron Donahue evoked these demons in a deserted and quite haunted 100-year-old Masonic Temple, which broke all the rules within the Masonic Order. Its doors opened to the North and South, instead of East and West. Its back door was secretly its front door and its front door was its back door.
Which all goes to prove once again, that nothing is as it seems.