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Iraq And The Alien Connection
By James Donahue
Written Before Iraq Attack, 2003
I recently wrote a piece about a prediction by the French Prophet Nostradamus that the antichrist would kill a person named Mabus and launch the Biblical apocalypse.
The story suggested that the word Mabus spelled backward was Saddam. It also suggested that President George W. Bush is in great danger of fulfilling this prophecy if he attacks Iraq. If the attack leads to Saddam Hussein's death, Mr. Bush could be the antichrist.
That an antichrist would rise out of the fundamental Southern Baptist Church would not be surprising to me. The religious zealots of the world are probably the most dangerous of the lot. It would not be the first time that blood was shed by Christians in the name of the angelic force Elohim.
Since the story appeared I have learned that there are other reasons why the United States should never be involved in a bombing campaign against any country in the Golden Crescentthe place of the origin of the Caucasian people. It was in this part of the world that our ancestors arrived . . . probably from some other planet in the universe.
There are many different races on this planet, suggesting that humans came from various places in the stars over a long period of time. We are all similar, but yet uniquely and physically different in appearance, custom and mannerisms. During our stay with the Navajo and Apache people in Arizona, for example, my wife and I noticed something strange. Even though these tribes were taught the English language as children, they all spoke with a unique dialect, suggesting that the vocal equipment in their mouths and throats were not designed to speak exactly as we do. And if you hear the unique sounds they make when they speak their native language, there should be no doubt in anybody's mind that the white man's tongue cannot imitate that sound.
I believe the Navajo and Apache people are from a different star system. And as much as I think they will object to my saying it, I found their customs and language so similar, I believe these two tribes go back to the same origins. Their ancestors stepped off of the same ship.
And as much as the Iraqi and Hebrew people will object to me saying it, I believe they also came from similar origins. They hate one another for religious reasons, but they are connected by DNA to another distant alien link. I suspect that their origins are the Anunnaki, spoken of by controversial writer and lecturer Zecharia Sitchen.
While Abraham is given credit in ancient Hebrew text as being the father of both the Jewish and Arab people, I have a strange reason to suspect that this was a lie. The Old Testament names Aaron the first great priest that entered the Hebrew temple and met God in the Holy of Holies.
For thousands of years the Jewish religious leaders have coveted a book known as the Cabala that contains for them a great mathematical riddle. It is a secret book, revered by the Rabbis and holy people of Israel, many of whom devote their lives to studying it and attempting to crack this puzzle. I hate to break it to the holy men of Israel, but the riddle of the Cabala has been solved. And it was done by a white, Anglo-Saxon male named Aaron. This Aaron is a high priest of the Earth, but not of organized religion.
It is for this reason that I do not believe the Jewish people had their origins in the Golden Crescent. Nor did the Arab people. This is the home of the Anglo-Saxons. And the proofs of our origins may be locked in vaults under the very temples and shrines that George W. Bush wants to bomb because Saddam Hussein won't let inspectors in to see what
he hides there.
Why would Hussein chose possible death rather than expose these ancient relics? Because he is as much of an extremist religious zealot among the Moslems as George W. Bush is among the Christians, and the Pope is among the Roman Catholics.
You can believe that the Catholic Church keeps many secrets about human origins hidden in the catacombs under the Vatican.
And Hussein is doing the same in the catacombs under his own temples. They do not want the people to know that we came from space. This kind of knowledge would destroy the religious system that has controlled the human races for thousands of years.
If George W. Bush wins in his effort to send bombers over Baghdad, he will use nuclear bunker bombs to eradicate the most sacred things existing on this planet. These are the proofs of who we really are.