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Does It Look Like This?

What Is That Thing
Circling Earth?
Since it was discovered Sept. 3 by amateur astronomer Bill Yeung from his Arizona observatory, mystery object J002E3 has kept scientists guessing.
Yeung first reported it as a passing "near-Earth" object. But within days it was discovered that the object was in a 50-day orbit around our planet. Thus it is classified as a possible small moon, or large space rock. Some believe it is a discarded rocket booster that recently drifted back close to the Earth and became captured by the planet's gravitational pull.
Whatever J002E3 is, most space watchers agree that it only recently arrived.
Its trajectory suggests that it may have been captured in April or May of this year, but there is still some uncertainty about this.
A story by Roy Britt in Astronomy magazine suggests that J002E3 was captured by the Earth when it passed near our planet's L1 Lagrange point, a place in space where the gravity of the Earth and Sun cancel each other out. It is the first known case of an object being captured by the Earth.
While I understand the scientific line of thought, from my perspective I find it odd that nobody is considering the possibility that the object might be something entirely different. That it might be a visiting space craft; perhaps a mother ship that recently arrived and went into orbit around our planet.
While most of the world's swarm of over 6 billion people are quite asleep to the changes going on, the few of us who are awake are very aware that our planet is dying and it is the human horde that is killing it.
We also are waking up to the knowledge that there is an amazing human evolution going on among our ranks. The so-called star children are here. And there seems to be a direct link between these children, who are really the ancient ones who have returned, and a strange alien culture that may have put us here in the beginning.
The recent disclosure by Remote Viewer Aaron C. Donahue that the 72 Goetic Spirits known to Solomon are really aliens, many of them shown with space craft in the background, should be a wake-up call to anyone who visits Donahue's web site at
It should be expected then that alien craft are here. The so-called UFOs that streak across our night sky, and the unexplained objects orbiting our planet are clear indications of this.
The aliens Donahue visits are not happy with the human race. They are not here to save it. But they may be here to save the planet from us.
That should make the fools who continue to plunder this frail place very afraid.