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Alien Creation?

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Holographic Device Found
Not long ago I wrote about sightings of impossible monsters and unexplained events and suggested that they were being caused by a super three-dimensional holographic image device.
That story generated more than the usual amount of weekly mail. Many readers said that they too saw what appeared to be a mothman, glimpsed big cats in places they didn't belong, or lost livestock to the unexplained phenomenon of cattle mutilation.
Since the article appeared, I found a few other gems in newspaper and Internet reports from around the world.
Among the strangest creatures being observed is the "aswang," a human shaped being with wings that can separate its upper body from the lower body when it flies. The monster seems to be haunting the Philippines where it has been observed in various towns and villages. The fire department was called when an aswang was reported sitting on the top of a bamboo tree in a place called Barangay Tanza Gua. People who saw it said it had red eyes.
Just for comparison, look at the drawing of Alloces, a Goetia Spirit drawn by remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue and posted on both his and my web sites. Go to and click on "The 72 Goetia Spirits." You will see the upper torso of a human skeleton with fiery red eyes flying high over the Earth. Is the aswang merely a native name for the demon Alloces?
In Scotland, a man named John Holmes has produced video footage of a long-necked animal he believes to be a living dinosaur called plesiosaur. The film was shot three years ago in Gerrans Bay, off the Roseland Peninsula. It looks surprisingly like the foggy images we have seen of the famous Loch Ness Monster. Both beasts look a lot like the remote viewed drawing by Aaron C. Donahue of the Goetia Spirit Forneus.
In June the people in the mountainous area near Nicholson, Pennsylvania, saw two giant black birds fly into a tree, where they perched for a while before flying off again. People said the birds were pitch black and were an estimated six feet tall. When they flew, their "bat shaped" wings stretched the width of the tree, which measured 12 feet across. There were various Goetia Spirits that appeared as birds and many others had "bat-like" wings. Look at Donahue's drawing of Andras, for example.
Aaron's study of the Goetia Spirits, or demons to use church vernacular, produced some interesting data and gave us clues for solving some of the world's great contemporary mysteries.
For example, nearly every drawing in the series of 72 remote viewing sessions produced pictures of some kind of alien life form, many with space craft hovering overhead. Many of the entities appeared to Donahue in forms of various animals of our planet, or peculiar combinations of animal and human.
Donahue found that some of his subjects, while making themselves available for him to see, asked that their image not be made public. Thus we were shown either pictures of space craft, or holographic projected images of some kind of animal or monster. Amdusias appeared as the fabled unicorn. Vepar was the Medusa.
That many of the spirits chose to show themselves in skeletal human form was significant. They were issuing a warning to the people of this planet that our future appears grim.
It is obvious that the fourth dimensional spirits, or aliens, who live among us, and fly their ships through our skies, have the technology to not only enter our dimension on occasion, but to project creative holographic images. That these holographs are also sent in three-dimensional form makes them seem very real.
Why would they do it? Perhaps the Goetia Spirits believe it is time to make their presence known.
Donahue reports that some of them were more than happy to pose for the pictures he drew of them. Rather than just pose, some became creative and used the opportunity to convey a message within the image they projected of themselves.
Nearly all of the spirits warn, in one way or another, of the impending destruction of mankind.