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When Aaron C. Donahue, first studied technical remote viewing under Maj. Edward Dames in 1997, he was told that if he became good enough he could explore just about any mystery in the universe except for one thing. Dames said he would never see numbers.
At that time, no remote viewer could ever zero in on numbers, especially numbers from the future. It was considered an impossible target because the probabilities are too varied and the "spike," or the energy field behind the thought that creates the number, was considered too small.
That declaration became a challenge to Donahue. After a week or more of intense training under Major Dames, Donahue seemed to be obsessed with the thought of cracking the barrier to what Aaron called "alpha-numerics."
I should pause here and give readers a brief explanation of just what remote viewing is and why Aaron was stimulated to try to use it to see numbers.
Remote viewing, developed by a group of psychics in a Pentagon sponsored think tank during the Cold War years, is a method of briefly shutting down standard left brain processes and allowing the right hemisphere of the brain to explore the collective consciousness for information. The theory is that all human thought is stored in the collective, like a giant library of knowledge. That library not only holds information about the present, but strangely it also has information about the past and the future. The military was attempting to use remote viewing to spy on the enemy; to get important information without sending people in harm's way.
After years of trial, they almost had it. But since it fell short of its prescribed goal the program was abandoned. Major Dames left his Army post and set up a school for teaching remote viewing to the general public. At the time Aaron trained under Dames, he said that a team of his best remote viewers could get about 80 percent accuracy when searching for any target.
Aaron Donahue, who was born with natural psychic abilities, found himself right at home in the world of remote viewing. He did so well in his initial classes that Dames enrolled him for advanced training. Donahue later returned to the school for even more advanced work a year or more later.
He never said this, but I think Aaron took on the challenge of remote viewing numbers because he wanted to hone his skills to a fine edge, and thus develop remote viewing to levels beyond anything Major Dames and the U. S. Military every imagined it could be. At the time, it did not matter that he saw numbers. He wanted to achieve 100 percent accuracy when viewing any target.
It took Aaron about five years of extensive work. His trials were long and difficult. There were hours when he was alone in his room, searching for daily lottery numbers. He reached such a high level of sensitivity by then that anyone around him had to remain totally quiet.
Disappointment after disappointment befell Aaron when the numbers sometimes came close, but fell short of accuracy.
He lacked the support of the world. The human invasion by the communities he lived in during his training was, at least for Aaron, unbearable. Someone would start up a power lawnmower, or knock on the door, or a dog would start barking in the middle of his remote viewing session. The noise, or the smoke from a burning refuse barrel, would always get in his data. Once, when working at a friend's home in California, a Hollywood movie set moved into the neighborhood and created total havoc.
But Aaron continued on. He saw advancements in his work, even though it looked to others as if he was standing still.
His breakthrough came after he began using a 120-year-old Masonic Temple that was falling into poor repair and destined for demolition. The building was purchased and Aaron immediately set about repairing it. He turned it into a working temple. The structure's three-foot-thick walls and double layered solid wooden floors muffled most of the noise from the outside world. This building, erected by the Oddfellows in 1881, was peculiar because it broke all the rules of the Masonic order. Instead of having its doors open to the east and west, it faced north and south. Its front door was secretly its back door, and the back door was secretly its front door.
It was here that Aaron began to get 100 percent accuracy, not only on random targets, but on numbers. For Aaron, the world no longer held any secrets.
You can see an example of one of Donahue's remote viewing sessions for lottery numbers by visiting his web site at There you will find a series of drawings, all done during the same session, in which Donahue worked on one of six numbers for a million dollar lottery drawing. Not only did he produce the number 39, but he publishes the winning lottery number for that week, which contains the number 39.
Donahue assures us this was not pure luck. He can get these numbers with the same accuracy every time. The work is very difficult and it takes long hours of extreme mental exertion.
In the course of his research, always using the elusive lottery as his target, Donahue made an interesting discovery.
It was believed that non-historical data and other numerical relationships were unavailable to humans in terms of psychic functioning. But Donahue said he found this to not be the case at all. "Numbers are everything making all things possible," he said.
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