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The Spirit Of Africa
There seems to be a true spirit watching over the Continent of Africa. He is Cimejes, a tall, black entity that looks like, and distinctly associates himself with the black skinned people of that part of the world.
When you examine the clothing he is wearing in Aaron C. Donahue's remote viewing drawing, the hat and long robe is typical of the garb seen on the backs of the tall black African men. Even his sigil has the shape of a large African animal, suggesting either a rhinoceros or elephant.
Visit Donahue's personal web site to view this and drawings of all 72 Goetia Spirits at:
Donahue notes on his web page that the night before he did this evokation, he had an out of body experience in which he was visited by a tall black man that he believes might have been Cimejes.
He wrote: "An evening prior to remote viewing this entity, I left the body as usual prior to physiological sleep finding a tall thin African looking directly within my light. He smiled and did nothing else. I find similarities between this African as experienced OOB and Cimejes."
The drawing shows a craft, from which Cimejes comes, although I edited it out so that I might enlarge the drawing of the spirit.
The old magickians knew of the association between Cimejes and Africa. They said he appears as a warrior riding a black horse. I suspect that his craft is black in color.

Sigil of Cimejes