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Donahue's Andras

Andras Comes Up Swinging
When evoked, this spirit came up with his sword in hand, in a battle stance. Andras, who looks more like an insect than the angelic appearing entity the old magickians described, does not seem to be a being I would want to meet on a battlefield. Or a dark alley.
The mystics said Andras "appears as an angel with a raven head." The only thing slightly angelic about this Goetian Spirit is that he has wings. His head does not seem to look like that of a bird, but then to each their own. It was said he always rode a wolf and carried a sword in his right hand.
On his website, Donahue writes that Andras has a black face, and was carrying some kind of weapon, although it is not described by the drawing or by Donahue.
Well over a century ago, Collin de Plancy wrote that Andras rides a black wolf and has the head of an owl.
If you don't believe me that Andras is a mean spirit, read the following words, penned by S. L. MacGregor Mathers: "Andras sows discord and may slay the invoker and his fellows.
I suspect this is why there is so little known about Andras. There were few magickians who evoked him and lived to tell about it. Fortunately, Donahue was one of them.

Old Image

Andras Sigil