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Winged Vapula

Winged Pixie Vapula
The old magickians said Vapula "appears as a lion with gryphon wings," but the image produced by Aaron C. Donahue during a recent remote viewing session with the spirit does not leave me with this impression.
See what you think when you view this image at Donahue's web site at:
My first feeling is that I was looking at a pixie . . . something that might have flown right out of a Walt Disney cartoon film. The tiny face. The massive, almost artistic wings, and the body that coils down and around in an almost insect-like way.
Little seems to be known about Vapula. Seagate suggests color and sound in a description that may be somewhat embellished: He has "a red mane. He has great green eyes which seem full of wisdom and his voice is a quiet rumbling."
Johann Wier finds strength and power in this spirit. He wrote:
 "Vapula is a great duke and a strong, he is seene like a lion with griphens wings, he maketh a man subtill and wonderfull in handicrafts, philosophie, and in sciences conteined in bookes, and is ruler over thirtie six legions (sic)."


Vapula Sigil