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The Spirit of Waters
When Aaron C. Donahue evoked Crocell, he met a dark robed being that seemed to have wings. It was the distinct human description of an angelic presence, except this entity is a demon.
Donahue wrote on his website: "A dark robed being appears winged and looking downward within a sphere. Space surrounds Crocell. A noticeable sound of water flowing is noted."
Johann Wier, the official historian of the Goetia Spirits, wrote in 1583: "Procell (Crocell) is a great and a strong duke, appearing in the shape of an angell, but speaketh verie darklie of things hidden (sic)."
Wier noted that Crocell has special talents involving water. "He maketh great noises, and causeth the waters to rore, where are none, he warmeth waters (sic)."
Seagate goes into more detail: "Crocell appears in the form of a dark angel with flowing silver hair and yellow cat's eyes. His voice is great and all-pervading and he ever speaks of things mystical and hidden. . . He has the power to warm or cool waters. He can discover water even in the desert and can create the illusion of waters to fool the unwary."
Crocell is the 49th Goetian Spirit and he commands 48 legions of demons.

Sigil of Crocell