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Egyptian Spirit Vual
There is a mystery surrounding the Goetian Spirit Vual. He seems to be an Egyptian through and through.
When Aaron C. Donahue evoked Vual for its remote viewed drawing, he appeared as an alien dressed in Egyptian garb and posing in front of the pyramids. His coat appears to be too long for him and the bottom, extending beyond the spirit's feet, lies flat on the ground in front of him.
While it does not appear in the enlarged and enhanced portion of the drawing used on this page, if you visit Donahue's web site at you will see a space ship in the sky overhead.
The mystery, of course, is why this spirit attaches himself to the Egyptian culture. Was he among the many gods worshipped by the ancient Egyptians? When he speaks, the old practitioners say Vual only responds in the Egyptian language.
Another mystery about Vual is that he used to appear as a great ape when evoked by the masters. He only changed into his human/alien form upon request. Yet for Donahue, he obviously showed himself as he really looks. He, like the other spirits, is an alien.
Known by other names, including Uvall and Voval, this spirit is said to procure the love of a woman for the practitioner who summons him. He also creates friendship between foes. Perhaps he will work his magic in the area he relates to; the Middle East.

Old Image

Vual Sigil