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Raum's Ships

A Force From The Sun
Aaron C. Donahue's drawings from his remote viewing session with Raum do not show the spirit, but rather his craft as it flies out of the sun. Notice that a second ship just like it also is emerging from the sun in the distant background.
Donahue's notes, found on his web site at, give us the reason for this. He wrote: "The entity within the craft does not wish to be described beyond what has previously been projected to man. Understanding this, I have refrained from revealing it to you."
And what is it that has been projected to man?
S. L. MacGregor Mathers, who collected information on all 72 Geotia Spirits, wrote only that Raum appears as a crow, but when commanded, can change his shape to look like a man.
Seagate suggests that Raum "has the power to cause the earth to quake and to make fall the walls of cities. He can make all but the summoner's sworn enemies love him and be willing to lay down their lives in the service of the summoner."
The very name of this spirit, Raum, and the fact that he seems to live or at least park his ships in or near the sun, suggest that he might have been the source of the ancient Egyptian Sun God Ra.
That Raum has the ability to make people love the magickian who evokes him, would it have been the practice of the Egyptian Pharaohs to use this particular entity to gain personal favor and power over their people?
While there is strong evidence to support a theory that the Goetia Spirit Amon also was the subject of Egyptian worship under the name Amun-Ra, could it be that these two spirits were both involved in the Egyptian world? After all, the Egyptians recognized more than one god, and solar worship was an important part of religious life.
Remember too, that Egyptian art depicts Ra as a man with the head of a bird. We have always identified that bird as a hawk. The more contemporary magickians, who see the bird head, see it as a crow.

Ship Shape Sigil