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Donahue's Malphas

A Giant That Reads Minds
I have been unable to link the images of Malphas, as seen by the early occultists, with the way he looked to Aaron C. Donahue during a recent remote viewing session.
Donahue saw Malphas as a large . . . in fact towering . . . alien form that was quite imposing. But he didn't write this, or any other personal observations about the spirit on his web page at:
Instead, Donahue compounds the mystery with a single, brief sentence: "This entity can assist any man to know the mind of any other."
In contrast, Goetia researcher S. L. MacGregor Mathers said Malphas always appeared as a large black bird, possibly a crow or raven, that could take on humanoid form on command, although this form still remained black.
Collin de Plancy, another known early Goetia researcher, concurred with Mathers. He says Malphas appears as a raven. Both men also agreed that the talents of this spirit are known as a tower, or fortress builder.
Plancy wrote: "He builds citadels and impregnable towers, breaks down enemy barricades . . . "
About his ability to read minds; Mathers wrotes that Malphas is an expert at "revealing the enemy's secret desires and thoughts and what they've done."
So where did Donahue get the information that this demon can "assist any man to know the mind of any other?"
I know from personal experience that Aaron Donahue is a good enough adept that he can read minds. He communicates telepathically with animals and spirits. It is my belief that Malphas gave him this information.
If true, this spirit could be a very good one to have around. If he can help us all develop our telepathic abilities, and tap into the thoughts of others, the days of secrets will be over forever. 


Malphas Bird Image
Malphas Sigil