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Gusion In Blue

Blue Alien Gusion
Johann Wier created a mystery when he wrote in 1583 that the Goetia Spirit Gusion (spelled Gusoin and Gusoyn in Wier's text) appears "in the forme of a Xenophilus."
This word does not appear in the dictionary, which is not surprising because Wier's Early English text seemed to have its own way of spelling. Yet every description of this spirit since Wier has used the same phrase, without ever bothering to try to find out its meaning.
The problem is that there are various words that come close to Xenophilus, but all have different meanings and all might apply to Gusion.
For example, when you study the picture drawn by Aaron C. Donahue in a recent remote viewing session, this spirit looks like a somewhat puffed-up blue individual with tiny eyes and mouth.
An Xenopus, for example, is a puffy, South African frog that comes in a variety of colors. If you examine Gusion, his head looks something like that of a frog.
The word xenomophoric means having an unusual form caused by pressure from something within. In other words, puffed out?
But then the word xenophobis means to have a strong dislike of foreigners.
All three words might describe this particular demon.
Wier says Gusion is "a great duke, and a strong (one). . . he answereth all things, present, past and to come, expounding all questions. He reconcileth friendship, and distributeth honours and dignities, and ruleth over (45) legions of (devils)."
Seagrave addes that "Gusion appears in the guise of a mature and strong man in a saffron robe. He speaks softly and his advice always seems good in consequence."
Notice in Donahue's drawing, a space craft hovers over this spirit. He, like the others, does not come from this world but he may soon have much to do with deciding world events.


Sigil of Gusion