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Mystery Fire Spirit Amy
Aaron C. Donahue's remote viewed drawing of Amy, the 58th Goetian Spirit, seems to show a brilliant flash of light coming from the bottom of an overhead disk shaped craft.
Even more mysterious are the three orbs, each connected by a bar, reminding us of the start of a DNA coil. It is actually from one of these orbs that this light called Amy is pouring.
You can get a more detailed drawing and read what Aaron has to say about Amy by visiting his web site at
What is it we are looking at here?
It seems that Donahue was right track with his drawing. And the mystery will not be solved for us because if Aaron knows more, he is not revealing. He admits that some of the spirits have, for various reasons, asked not to have their real appearance made public. And he has agreed.
Are these entities too grotesque for our sight? Too shocking? Or perhaps their consistency is beyond our ability to comprehend in this limited dimension of reality?
For sure, the appearance of Amy was as much a mystery to the old mystics as he is to us. There is very little written about his description other than to say that he always appears as a "flame of fire."
What the old ones didn't see was that Amy is an alien who comes out of an oval space craft when summoned. And this is no ordinary craft. Aaron describes it as "a large disk of fire" that hovered over him. Amy came to him as a shaft of brilliant light that "pierces the dark underside of this craft."
It seems that the ship looks like a large fiery oval, and that the spirit is a bright light that emerges from it.
From the Seagate data on demonology we learn that Amy has another ancient name. It is Avnas. He is known as the President of Fire.
According to Seagate, Avnas appears as a pillar of fire and smoke. This is not necessarily true, according to Donahue. He seems to be just pure light, or energy.
Seagate says that "those who look into the flames can see the panorama of the history of other dimensions and can sometimes read the events of their own plane and even their own future. At the command of the summoner, Avnas will abandon this insubstantial form and take on the form of a small withered brown man."
There is another odd legend about Amy. It is said that anyone who touches Amy when he appears as a pillar of fire, will not get burned. The flame, instead of hot, feels "cold and dead." In fact, those who touch the flame are said to see their own death.